Sunday, May 02, 2004

:: WHAT THE...? ::
Wait, wait, wait...!

The text, e-mail, and YM messages started Friday afternoon.

Friends, relatives, colleagues and acquiantances began asking about my resignation. Most of them cannot believe that I actually resigned. Huh? WHY?! Am I really TOO loyal at that esteemed institution? Is my love for Honda THAT obvious to everyone I know? Wait a minute!

I know I did the right thing! Heck, that's probably the most gutsy-independent-wise thing I've ever did in my entire adult life (and it tops breaking up with...but that's another story). Anyway, even if I know that what I did is 100% RIGHT, I still cannot help but be wary why my friends (even my super,super,super close friends) is somehow NOT in total agreement with my "voluntary separation" from Honda. It became worse when I told them that I don't have anydefinite and solid plans after the 28th. Oh well.

So, to destress and reward myself for the grueling week that I just had, I went to ATC and indulge into two hours of Thai Massage! Wowww! : )

Anyway, anyway, here are some of the reactions I got. Some are kakainis, some are so-so-so and some are downright cute!

Huh?! Bkit?
ah...wats wrong with Honda? Bkt lahat yata kayo?
Give them at least 30-40% higher of your current.

Ay naku Bry, tigilan mo na yang pagsesenti mo. Be thankful you've finally ended your 5 years of misery.
Eh ano kung hindi ka nya like, hindi mo naman sya market ah!
ei, wats the chika? : )
ano k b naman naisip mo pa yan kung kailan aalis ka na. dont think abt that.
ic. so, wats the chika?
wt chika? online ka ba?
oy sobra na yan ha!
Abbie, thanks for doing so much for HCPI and HCP! I'm quite sure this won't be farewell to the club as well... unless you're moving to a competitor hehe or baka you're really getting married na and you're not admitting it.
Ano may Jazz nga ba? M/T 2.0 Civic? ano pa hehe? Goodluck!
not as much as you do my dear abbie. i know you love honda. but theres really something wrong right now. your resignation ang kinakatakot ko of all. more than _____.
well i hope u have enuf money saved to last u while ure not starting a new job yet
Anyway best of luck on your new career move Be safe always Abbie
abbie!.. san ka na?.. dun na ba sa isa sa mga tinext mo sa akin??
Gudluck Abbie! Tnx for everything!!! Si Weng, resign na rin??? hehehe
watever ur plans are...remember...SUPORTAHAN TAKA.. (taka or daka?? anyways, gets mo na un!heheh...tama ba nasabi ko??
Ey labo, ngayon lang ako d nalabuan syo!! (I can see clearly now. . ) WELCOME!!! Talagang pinanindigan mo yung Crazy 8!!!Pero mas maganda talaga kung blurry 8 n lang gamitin mo!
but since u'r jobhunting na.....why should the 'galit' affect u dba? tiis na lang sana hehehehe
Wow! And then there were 8! Another one bites the dust...
so u have job offers na ba that ure thinkin of taking?

But this is still THE BEST:

That was my superior's reaction when I handed her my "unexpected" resignation letter! Exercise pala ha! Gotcha, baby!

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