Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I'm posting THIS at the office! Yeah! With my soon-to-be-ex boss two seats away from me and with a blank seat between us at that (since Lee is already in Tralala Land!)

Anyway, for the benefit of Reg, Kel, Clod, Cols, Paul and Lee who 'might' be missing HCPI. This one is for you.

> NET MEETING - this is a window-based communiation tool that has chat features. There are only four (4) who are on-line today - Crazy Biatch!, *bad and ***(".)*** and xxx xxx. Taray Daw suggested that we download mCIR (and ask Gigglesurway to join?) so we can chat with the rest of the Mightys who are already OUT there. We need help on the firewall though.

> 1ST MEETING - today is my 1st meeting with Lola since May 13th. Whenever she's here, I am not and vice versa. Grabe ha! She's asking me to do so many thingggs!!! Do I have to remind her that I've already resigned (and not to mention injured) YET I have to turn in TWO (2) fresh proposal for her! Duh?! Leeeeee! Ano ba yan?!

> LUNCH - where else BUT at the deadly canteen? But we ordered from Gabino's, yum yum. We miss the other Mightys so much :( We were only six (6) who had lunch together. *cries* Kakalungkot talaga!So depressing! Nobody has that DRIVE anymore! All we talk about is filing leaves, not going to work, resting (and to some applying at other companies) and the like.

> INTERNET GALORE! - the only coolest thing about this napakatagal nagrace period is I can surf, surf and surf! Sarap! BUT sometimes the connection is SO slow! Mabilis pa Pacific Internet e-Volve!

> MIGHTY GOODBYE! - Weeelll, here's another goodbye! Paul is leaving for the US later this evening. It's both a happy and sad moment for all of us (lonely for Lee, I'm sure). We will miss you, Paul! Bon VOGAGE!!! Until the next Mighty Friday!

Paul's Surprise Bon VoGage Party @ Lee's Place

> PICTURE BROWSING - me and Kaye (we are the only CorpComm Mighty here) are browsing some pics this morning and I saw her pic in Romblon that's worth sharing and posting here. Ta-ddddaaaa!

It's already 5:16 pm! 14mins to go! Yeaah! :) I've accomplished a lot today! I was able to do one proposal! Lee will be proud! Haha!

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