Tuesday, May 11, 2004

:: *PANIC MODE* ::

Ohno!Ohno! Twenty-nine (29) hours to go before "the judgement hour"! I beg each and everyone who's reading my blog to pray for me to MAKE IT! Awww! I can't study, I can't plan...and I can't even THINK! Oooohh! What will happened tomorrow? It will be ME and ME ALONE who will face 'em. Prayer is my only weapon. I've given so much already and I dunno if I still have any "surprises" left for them. I hope that all my good karma will be with me tomorrow.

To make things more panicky than usual, I have to go to work tomorrow since MR have to present something to Mr. Takano (read: I have to make part of the presentation). I cannot say NO, so I have no choice but be there. Awww!


Can you hear it? My background music is a classic favorite of mine - The Highways of My Life. It's supposed to be the musical score of Notting Hill but I already reached my max upload in ripway. By the way, anyone among here knows any free hosting site for my MP3's?

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