Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Pardon if I have to make another political post but I just can't resist - with everyone around me so into it. My mom and dad just got here from my Tita's house to "check on things" (read: if we are winning). Well, my uncle who's running for Councilor is a shoo-in for the #1 or #2 slot, but the brother-in-law of my tita who's running for Governor of Laguna is still unsure.

Election Day is so bloody
. So, I've heard. The guns, goons and golds are back! HAY! I dunno what is happening! The Philippines is really something. *sigh*

I voted around 1pm yesterday with the whole family (except for Dad since he voted earlier, but he still accompanied us in the precinct), even Little Gabbie went with us. She sat beside me with her own pen and paper as if she's voting. She also brought her pink pouch with my uncle's campaign fliers. Aba, balak pa mangampanya! Reminds me of me (I started campaigning for my Tito at age 9!). Here are some bits and pieces of the vote that was:

~ I have so many blanks = VP, 5 Senators, Mayor and a handful of Councilors.

~ VP - Loren was my choice but when she allied with FPJ...no way! She has great ideals but she's TOO ambitious for words. Enough said.

~ Senators - With the exception of Mr. Palengke, Mar Roxas, I made the decision of voting the other six (6) senators just this morning. A quick run-through of their profile made me decide who to vote and not to vote. My list included: Dick Gordon, Bobby Barbers and Rodolfo Biazon. Other senatoriables who I voted for like Pia Cayetano and Heherson Alvarez were requested by mom and dad. I guess the desired effect of the "Maalaala Mo Kaya" life story of Companero Rene last Thursday was achieved since Pia is running at the #6 slot (despite the fact that she never made it to the top of any of the SWS surveys) at the partial and unofficial count. If you are intently reading this post and realized that I only gave six names (whereas I said I voted for seven senators), well, let's just say that the 7th name will remain a secret since I'm still unsure if I did the right thing in voting for him.

~ Mayor - There are three (3) mayoralty candidates here in Cabuyao - the wife of the incumbent mayor and two siblings who took their "sibling rivalry" to the limits by running against each other. If there's anyone from Cabuyao (or from my OC political clan) who's reading this, despair not! This was a personal choice. The whole family except for yours truly voted for someone...however, I will not tell WHO!

~ NO single votes for moi (for councilor). A single vote is one of the most controversial type of vote there is. It's one of the strategies that can elect a candidate to a post - especially in our 'all-for-one-one-for-all-clannish town. A single vote automatically denies several votes to the other candidates.


One of Comelec's counter-measure to the expected massive cheating and flying voters is the use of a stronger indelible ink.

Awwww! I can't remove it!

True enough, it's indeed strong! Well, mine that is. After numerous liquid soap washing...I still have it! :( I heard Bill Luz, Namfrel's head honcho, said that it's actually a case to case basis. Some rubs off immediately while others really do stays in your index finger for a long time! Aaarrgh!



Though temporarily distracted by the election, I still have this nagging feeling for Wednesday! It will definitely be the DAY of DAYS. I just hope that I will pass in flying colors. Lord, please help me!

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