Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Storm the Heaven with prayers! I actually got that line from Ygy's blog (Thanks Ygs!). Seems like so many people are in need of divine intervention these days. *wink* I am so nervy for tomorrow's interview that's why I cannot sleep (or is it because of the never-ending dilemma with the freakin' background music of this blog?).

To somehow prepare for tomorrow's showdown, I asked Bestfriend Kat's expert advice on the How To's and What's Not in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication (yeah, that's the new trend, baby!). I also had a crash course with the long-forgotten ATL lingo (of course there are some good ol' chika on the side). Well, its been months since the last time I've seen her and my other Assumption friends. Soooooon, I'll be back! :)


I love musical scores! What you are hearing right now is the best there is (in my opinion anyway)! It was the one used in my all-time favorite movie Notting Hill. The name of the song/score is Will & Anna by Trevor Jones. The title was inspired from the names of the characters that were played by Hugh and Julia.


Aileen did the weirdest thing! Huuwaat?! Another diversion tactic? NAH! Weirder than that! *LOL* (Kidding, girl) She nominated my blog site, >THIS blog site to that Philippine Weblog Awards thingy! You've got to be kidding! Haha! Thanks Gurl!

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