Monday, June 21, 2004

:: CHANGES & "B U M m i t y" ::

It's been a week since my last day at I've been a bum for a week now. :( It makes me sad, I dunno why. I know that I deserve this break since I've been working for five years with the absence of long breaks or vacations. In fact, in the last twenty-two years, since I was three years old, I never had an actual rest from work or school for more than three months! Can you imagine that? I started attending school at 2 1/2 (I dunno what Mum was thinking!) years old (June '81) as Play Nursery. Then after college graduation in '99 I immediately started working after 2 months. Geez! And now...barely a week after my Honda adieu...I'm restless! This is crazy! I have options...LOTS...but it's not just about finding a job but a fulfilling career (and a dream job if I am truly blessed). It's not even about money or positions/titles BUT the whole package. The totality of it all. Crazy but I'm just choosy these days. Ho-hum. Let's see after another week of "bummity", I might change my mind. : )

Guess what I'm doing these days?
Aside from having all those interviews and pre-employment evaluations, whenever I'm home, I'm re-reading Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (yeah, that sucky HP book). It's the lamest HP...ever! I can't even remember the detailed plots of it.


So many changes are going on in my life these what will the next be? YAHOO! to GOOGLE?! I've always been a loyal Yahoo! user (who's not?!). I don't even have MSN/Hotmail accounts, not even for IM purposes. Yahoo! mail increased their storage capacity last week and I'm really thrilled (and so are all of my friends who are having non-stop LiNa Alerts) but a few days after, I also activated my Gmail invitation (courtesy of and it's bigger and better. They have 1GB storage capacity (with the tagline: "you don't have to delete any e-mails"), has spell checker, similar outlook/lotus features in terms of 'clickabilities' and attachments, awesome address book, search features inside your mailbox and whole lot more. It's still on its beta testing stage and membership is by invitation at the moment. This is the next big thing in terms of storage and space, it's even bigger than my work mail limit! There was even this rumor before that they are trying to acquire Friendster! Dunno what happened to that. Lastly, who can forget their search engines in any language possible? Google Pilipino is somehow baduy...but come to think of it, it's pretty amazing! I don't even use Yehey! or other Phil search engines since its unveiling. GOOGLE IS DEFINITELY ON FIRE! WATCH OUT YAHOO! Next stop? Google Messenger.


My friend Leonie dear will tie the knot this coming Saturday with her Nanie. We've seen each other's affairs of the heart in the last five years (haha!) so I am truly happy that she already found her happiness in Nanie. I'm so excited to see her since she just got here from Canada last week (talk about crazy wedding prep across the miles) and it's Councilor Nanie who's been doing all the preparations I suppose. Anyway, I'm praying that everything will turn out well : ) Hmm, on a side note...I think I'll be seeing 'someone' there or if I'm really lucky, I might see 'two people' there. *sigh*

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