Friday, June 18, 2004


Since Honda doesn't have work today, we decided to hit Makati and had dinner at Krokodile @ Greenbelt3 last night. It was another mighty night but its definitely better at our favorite Friday delight at Congo Grille in Westgate, Alabang. We are happier and rowdier there as if we own the place.

I came from an interview with the Managing Director of a high-end IT/solutions/gadgets business who's getting me for their Marketing group.(I'll have iPOD and my choice of Palm pa daw ha! These interviews are really getting interesting! There was the blog question and now cool gadgets!) The HR Head told me that the Big Boss like me but have two more people to interview before they decide. Gee, I hate that! If they like me, get me! No need for comparison. Grrr! It happened before at Sony and in another company that I want which I can't disclose yet since the final judgment is still in July! Ei Bim! They also sell wireless routers! I'll give you huge discount! Wi-fi here we come!

Anyway, I'm done around 4:00 and I killed time by having my toenails done at my favorite Tips n' Toes. Naku, forgive me but that's one of my ultimate obsession in life. :p I went to Powerbooks after to endlessly read everything that I can get my hands on. I'm actually having my mental list of must-have books as I write. Reading is something that I neglected in the last few months with all the pressures and stress at work. I am so into biographies these days (yeah, the nosey me speaks!) and would really want to buy the latest of Jackie O's, Hillary Clinton's authobio, Living Journal - dubbed as her ultimate campaign material for greater political heights, and The Kennedy Curse by Edward Klein. Oh! If you have 1 grand to spare, do buy People Yearbook 2004 with the short-lived but highly sensational Bennifer in cover. J.Lo, what the heck are you thinking?!

I arrived at Krok around 8:00 pm and dinner was already in full swing. In attendance: Gina, Lorna, J's Angels: Ces and Tin, Deng & Jen. R2 & Patty, Lee (minus Paul), BMW Girl Kelly and LAWASA She and Kaye (hehe, peace!). SB Forever Cols came in a few minutes after me, fresh from her day job in their abode at AAV. Weng (with Anna) arrived after everybody went home. Nye! Half of them went home pretty early because of other appointments.

The Mightys at Krok GB3 :)
Mightys? Ano yon?!'s this new place in Alabang! LOL!

Mighty "Dishes" @ Krok
> The colorful and flowery fight between the Sexy and the Fruit. Hah, NO CHOICE here!
> My Boss: bet if she's coming back or not.
> Lee and her Caltex and Philip Morris
> Ces' "new guy" pala na-notice na ng lahat yung guy na yon! Hah!
> Kelly's crush! I repeat: "Is that you?!"
> Jen's appointment with "the boss with crooked policy"
> Me giving love advices to Lee (whaaat?!)
> Kwento tungkol kay Bestfriend LiNa
> Coleen and her faulty cellie - papalitan nya na daw to Nokia 5110, her classic favorite.
> Tin and her dilemma with the "J". Hindi nya matanggap! Haha!
> "Break na ba si Ben at si J.Lo?!"
> Field Rep's cellphone habits
> All of us missing Reggie, Clod and Dans :(
> Kelly's suggestion to go public with screenshots of "the board that started it all"

CORP COMM NO MORE: Cols, Kels, Lee & Abs

Kay, She, Pats and R2

Until the next Mighty Night...hopefully...I have work by then. : )

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