Saturday, June 26, 2004


I have loads to say but unfortunately I cannot say it all here. They are all at my Tabulas which you cannot read unless you subscribe and add me as friend ala Friendster and vice versa. Anyway, check out the gallery if you have time. :)

>> Good thing GMA and Noli got proclaimed already. Me and mom were discussing it constantly last week. Can you imagine if they were not proclaimed? That will be insufferable. Chaos everywhere.

>> Something new that will compete again with Friendster. Add me or whatever. Click this to be my friend @ Hi5

>> A dear friend will tie the knot later and I'll read the Second Reading at the Nuptial Mass. Greeeat! Eyebags everywhere. *sigh*

>> Went to the job offer of this "literally cool" company last Thursday. I'm still thinking about it, negotiating for the right price and at the same time - buying time for my other options. It's a safe alternative. That's all I can say for now.

>> Happy Birthday to someone. May you have a nice one.

>> Went to Honda yesterday and tried to watch the boys' game against Honda Alabang. They lost.

I have to sleep now....

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