Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Today is an important day for Cabuyeños and "Clarissas" all over the world for August 11 marks the day of the feast of St. Clare of Assisi. 750 years ago Clare answered to God's call of chastity, humility and poverty. Through the guiding principle of St. Francis, she entered the convent and turned her back to all her family's material wealth to live a life of holiness. She devoted her life to solitude and love for the poor. Through her kindness and miraculous ways, she was canonized immediately after her death.

People in my town are so blessed since two of the Franciscan missions are in Cabuyao since 1975. Hundred of devotees flock each day to the monastery to ask for pleas and prayers that St. Clare readily intercedes to the Lord. My big clan is among them. I recall so many Holy Weeks and Feast Days where we visit the nuns and participate in novenas and masses. Since I am also asking for something big these days, I am happy and proud to say that I just ended my 9-day novena (in preparation for her feast day) yesterday. I am sharing with everyone this wonderful prayer that you can use as novena or as a daily devotional prayer.



Remember, O glorious mother St. Clare, the promise of Jesus made to you, when prostrate before the Holy Tabernacle, you implored Him in behalf of your distressed children. Full of confidence in your power over the Divine Heart, we implore your maternal protection.

It was your glory to confound the enemies of the Church by presenting the Holy Eucharist to their gaze. Obtain for us, we beseech you, O Mother of the humble and the poor, the grace we now ask for (mention your need or intentions). Reject noy, O Mother the prayer of your children, protect us by your continual assistance and bestow on us, one and all, your maternal benediction.

Lord have mercy on us *Lord have mercy on us
Christ have mercy on us *Christ have mercy on us
Lord have mercy on us *Lord have mercy on us
Christ hear us *Christ graciously hear us
God the Father in heaven *Have mercy on us
God the Son, Redeemer of the world *Have mercy on us
God the Holy Spirit *Have mercy on us
Holy Mary *Pray for us
Holy Mother Clare *Pray for us
Holy Mother Clare, renowned in deed and name
Holy Mother Clare ,brighter than the light
Holy Mother Clare, great in merits
Holy Mother Clare, bright light illuminating the world
Holy Mother Clare, new luminary
Holy Mother Clare, star of the heavens
Holy Mother Clare, renowned virgin
Holy Mother Clare, saintly Virgin
Holy Mother Clare, prudent Virgin
Holy Mother Clare, shining splendor of heaven
Holy Mother Clare, friend of the Cross
Holy Mother Clare, mourning dove
Holy Mother Clare, spouse of God
Holy Mother Clare, disciple of Christ
Holy Mother Clare, city of the Saviour
Holy Mother Clare, vessel of purity
Holy Mother Clare, pattern of obedience
Holy Mother Clare, marvel of abstinence
Holy Mother Clare, prodigy of sanctity
Holy Mother Clare, mother of poverty
Holy Mother Clare, flower of virginity
Holy Mother Clare, palm of fecundity
Holy Mother Clare, fountain of purity
Holy Mother Clare, endowed with every virtue
Holy Mother Clare, guardian of consecrated virgins
Holy Mother Clare, plant of the Minors
Holy Mother Clare, sweetest mistress
Holy Mother Clare, despising vanities
Holy Mother Clare, triumphing over the demons
Holy Mother Clare, most devoted to the Blessed Sacrament
Holy Mother Clare, emulating our Holy Father St. Francis
Holy Mother Clare, craving the food of the word of God
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world *Spare us, O Lord!
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world *Graciously hear us, O Lord!
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world *Have mercy, O Lord!
Christ hear us *Christ graciously hear us
Pray for us, O Blessed Mother Clare
That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us Pray:
We beseech you, O Lord, that your servants who are renewing the votive commeration of your holy Virgin, our Mother Clare, may, by her intercession become partakes of the heavenly joys and co-heirs of your only-begotten Son, Who lives and reigns, world without end, AMEN.

O God, Who was pleased that our holy Mother, St. Clare by the splendor of her virtues should become a guiding lighjt to inumerable virgins; grant through her intercession and merits that those virgins may always walk in your light here on earth, and may be found worthy to enjoy the perpetual serenity of your facein heaven. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

O glorious Mother St. Clare.
Hear and grant our petition.

St. Clare Monastery of The Blessed Sacrament
Cabuyao, Laguna

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