Thursday, August 12, 2004

Born at 12:10 pm. Year is Nineteen Seventy Eight on the Eight month.
One distinctive mole at the lower right side of the eye.
Two brown eyes. One smiling lips.

Mama is Twenty Five. Papa is Thirty. Cried with joy upon seeing the babe covered in blood.
The first born (and proud of it).
Four happy Grand Parents.
Thirteen sets of uncles and aunts on one side and six sets on the other.
First ever trip was in Baguio at one year old.

Started school at two years and ten months.
One sibling. One sister in-law. One niece named Gabbie.

Went to Mary Help of Christian School at age six.
Childhood buddies with four girls named Naida, Nelia and Naomin.
Two certificates of recognition for Best in Attendance
(shucks! believe it or not!)
First crush at age nine with a guy named Henry.
Part of the twelve girls who used to call themselves NRG Gals.

Transferred to Canossa School for First Year.
Part of four classes with section names of Sts. Elizabeth, Ignatius, James & John.
90210 is such a zip code address.
Fell in love at fifteen.
Twelve became more important than ever.
Twelve red roses was given on Prom Night.
One 1st Place award for Current Events. One 3rd Place award for Religion.
Best Speaker (Filipino) in Second Year.
One 2nd Place award as Best Speaker (English) in Fourth Year.
Numerous drama (real and reel) throughout highschool.
Two sets of awesome friends. Ivy, Che, Cherry, Jo & Jovi and Tin, She & Jamie.

Canossa Graduation 1995

Assumption student number Ninety Five One Eighty Six.
Room 29 was first dorm room. Followed by 31, 14 & 28.
Two pancit canton a day makes the doctor go away.
Passed the qualifying exams for the Advertising & PR major in 2nd Year.
Made it to the Dean's List five times.
Director for two years at the highly-esteemed AC Comelec.
Belongs to PREX Class no. 12
Final GPA was 1.77 (with 1.0 being the highest). Almost but not quite.
Part of the twelve who loves hanging out at the lounge.
Kat, Tons, Tine, Willie, Mayee, May, Antoi, Tin, Kathy, Core & Moe

Started at Honda on the ninth of the sixth month.
Often referred as Nine Nine Two Four Six Nine in official records.
Three associates in the group.
Four blissful days in glorious Bora.
Three trips to Cagayan de Oro. Two trips to Bacolod.
Three stays at the Marco Polo.
Four times in Cebu.
Five years and six days at Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.
Resigned once.
Full of mighty friends.

ASIMO Photo Shoot with other "models".
Taken on my 25th Birthday last year.

Maid of Honor to Olen & Bim.
Bridesmaid to three. Veil sponsor to two.
Godmother to twelve.

Five friendships for life in Aileen, Ivy, Tin, Mitzi & Charo.
Three active blog sites: two in blogspot and one in Tabulas.
Hair straightened and relaxed five times.
5'2" in height but 5'5" with the favorite wedge shoes
5110. 6210. 6510. T68i. 3530. 3650. Six cellphones to date.
587 SMS to date from Olen. Count started last October.
Fell in love thrice.
P4 2.0 Ghz. 256MB RAM. 40 GB HDD.
16.6 GB of consumed space to date.
Three hundred twenty seven Friendster friends.
Eight neighborhoods in Sim City.
One month and twenty eight days of hiatus from work.
Two weeks waiting time given by Globe Telecom.
Prayed novena to St. Clare for nine days.

Twenty-six fruitful years!
Whatalife! Whew!


Abbie / Anna / Abs / Bie / Tabbie / Bry

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