Friday, August 27, 2004

:: [H] SICKNESS ::

HondaHomesickness is probably one of the reasons why I agreed to come to Kamiyama's dinner last Thursday. After the long and grueling product seminar that I had, I went to Giligan's to have dinner with friends from my old abode. It was a sorta impromptu dinner-gimmick because Mr. Kamiyama, our dear Jap expat during the Makati days, was in town. There were reminiscing of our good ol' days at Salustiana and some 'clicking of glass' for Shepot. Haha. In attendance were Kamiyama (of course), Patty, Van, Ces, Kristine, Xavier, Jen, Deng, She, Gina, Agnes (and her new cellphone c/o Maricon), Grays and Karl. Too bad Kelly wasn't able to bad. SORRY Kells! Blame it on my cellie's battery. Check out the pictures.

(Clockwise)(1st Pic) Welcome Back Daddy K! We miss you so much!
(2nd Pic) Shepot & Harry
(3rd Pic) Mr. Kamiyama and the Girls of Salustiana
(4th Pic) Me (w/ new hairdo), Mr. Kamiyama & Tin

Something funny:
Me: Mr. Kamiyama! How are you?
Mr. Kamiyama: Abbie! I didn't see you at Sta. Rosa this morning.
Me: Yeah! Because I am now working at Honda America!
Mr. Kamiyama: Nooooo! No way!

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