Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Our hair is our crowning glory...as the cliche goes. INDEED TRUE! I had my haircut today at nearby David's and let's just say that I am not fully satistified. Wrong wrong move. It's not ugly, my mom (who's never satisfied with anything about my appearance) even said that she likes it. I just find it so short! I had it layered but I specifically asked the stylist to copy one of Jennifer Aniston's hair at Friends --- long with soft layers and definitely not short. BUT I haven't even finished talking yet when I saw her chopping a good 4-5 inches of my hair! Goodgracious! Upon seeing my shock, she explained that she's just going to style it and will not cut much! Duh?! Isn't a bit too late for that? Grrr!

My "now" hair is not actually short. It's still (technically speaking) beyond my shoulders but it looks shorter with the layers and all. Awww! Anyway, I do admit that the stylist did a good job with my hair. It actually looks healthier, trendy and fresh. I just feel so so bad about my long mane that is now gone. All I asked was a simple cut with few layers but she gave me this shorter bouncy one! Ugh! Another drawback are the perennial flyaways that I will get each morning which I temporarily enjoyed in the last few months when my hair was still long and straight...grrr! It's back to the drier again.

Whatever. I'll just grow it back. Mane n' Tail (that horse's shampoo!) was not created for nothing.

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