Friday, August 13, 2004


Moon river, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style someday,
Oh, dream maker, you heartbreaker,
Wherever you're goin',
I'm goin' your way
Two drifters, off to see the world,
There's such a lot of world to see,
We're after the same rainbow's end
Waitin' round the bend
My Huckleberry friend,
Moon river and me.

Hearing something? It's Henry Mancini's Moon River.

Moon River is definitely one of the bestest song ever created. It was first heard at Audrey Hepburn's movie Breakfast at Tiffany's in the 60's. I truly love this poignant song especially in the Sex and the City season 4 ender (the one where Carrie danced with Big the night before Big's departure for San Francisco). Since then I've been hearing it in various films like How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days and even in the funny movie Stuck-up.

Some interesting stuff I got from another site:
After the very first screening of "Breakfast at Tiffanys", the president of Paramount Pictures paced around the room, puffing on a cigar, and said, "Well, I'll tell you one thing, you can get rid of the song." Thankfully, Audrey was there and to her credit, she stood up and said, "Over my dead body."

Henri Mancini's "Moon River" won the Academy Award in 1962 for Best Original Song.


This is a yearly post-birthday tradition. The best of the best birthday messages (with some non-sense replies from me). Sucky and lame but read it anyway. Hit it!

Ei, happy happy birthday, Tabbie! I really wish you'll find happiness soon
and I do hope you'll get what you are aiming for. Stay sweet! Love yah!

~ Gee, I already "have" happiness. Who said that I am not happy?

Happy Birthday! Love you! Manlalaki ka tonight! Treat yourself!
~ Huwwwat? Are you ok? Haha.

Happy Birthday Abbiegurl! You are getting younger by the minute, get a bf na! Hehehe!
~ NOT another one.

Abbbbieee!!! Happy happy Birthday! Mwah! Hugz! Another year wiser!
~ This one's from Aileen. Very WISE wish.

Hey Abs! Happy Birthday! My gift is a new technique (aka cheat) for your
SIM so he won't get tired. : )

~ This is a well-appreciated text. Thanks Tin!

Happy Happy Birthday! I just wish you all the best for you! Good health and more
money! Yabz you talaga!

~ I love this especially the moolah part.

Happy Birthday Abbie! May God shower you with lotsa blessings not just because
it's your birthday but because you are special in many ways.

~ Awwww! How sweeeeet. Thanks Rae!

Hi there! Happy happy birthday. God Bless. Take Care.
~ This is one of the best because it's from my former boss. Ye-bah!

Hi! Happy Birthday! Eto totoo na! Hehe! Wish you nothing but the BEST!

~ Oooppps, false alarm kasi eh.

Abs! Happy Birthday! Love ya! I l almost forgot. Miss you. God Bless.
~ Good thing you did not forget...or else.

May birthday thread ka sa HCP and YOU WON'T believe who greeted you there!
~ The WHO?! Hahaha.

Bahe, happy birthday! San nom?
~ Whataclassic! Thanks Zash.

"I wish your "knight in shining armor" would come na and sweep you away"
~ Men need directions most of the time. Naligaw lang siguro.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! Tanda mo na din. Hehehe! Enjoy and have a good one, ok?!
~ Sweetie, how can I have a good one if you are not here. Ok?! :(

There you go. I had one of my quietest birthday ever. I spent it with my family and some close friends. I'll be celebrating later though with close friends from my former office.

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