Monday, September 27, 2004


One of my guilty pleasures is bonding over YM Conference with my dear bestest bestest friends from highschool. We are scattered all over the world with different careers, so fixing chat schedules is always a burden to the planner/organizer (usually me or Mitzi). There are so many things to consider like time differences (eg. we can't have it while Ivy's hubby is sleeping!), work schedule (eg. Charo's duty sched) and our uber-busy social calendar (hahaha!).

Anyway, we had another one last Saturday (Cha is absent again) with topics ranging from scandelilah gossips, Mitzi's wonderful lovelife, my giddy romance, Aileen's 'the moves', Tin's "pass", the sleeping Ivy, careers & salary, music and other random stuff.

Here are some quotable qoutes (our special someones and men who broke our hearts will kill for this log, consider yourself lucky):

Bwiset, dami nag BUZZ sa akin pag pasok ko ng YM. Mga kaibigan na isnab ko.
S*X na lang pagusapan natin!
Wait! CHISMIIIIIS you like?
cno tsimisan natin?!
IVY, GO GET A FREAKIN TABULAS! Kaw na lang wala don!
pretend ur ox is broken
oo... zipped na lips ko. Hehehe
Mas may alam pa ko sa kanya when it comes to love, dating, etc.
Sige! Do it din kay ----! hahahaha!
she was caught DOING IT
oh yeah, in public?
they mustve stained the seatcovers
Sorry, nakarma yata ako!
ano pa.. DALI!!!
oh shit! And?
holy f*ck
Can you freakin believe it??!?!?!?!?!
scandelilah! i likey that!!!=D>
naaks "this is very sensitive news"
ang cosmo confessions!
Yan ang mga CORNY na theme song nung highschool! EWAAAAAAAAN!
frustrating talaga if u want something to work
lagi talaga ako iyak ng one week
tapos... di rin nag-work.... yun ang frustrating tlga
taking ridiculously expensive antibiotics naman
Nasaan ba? Padalhan ko ng poison letter.
hahaha.. sige i-poison na!!!..
Ano naman yon, mag cybersex kayo? haha kidding
abbie nakakaloka tabulas mo, ang daming pangalan isang tao lang pala
Get laid!
di pwede mag PASS
i wanna hook up na nga lng
just to get laid
nakakataba? talaga? i waaaant
o ----- have u guys ever talked abt marriage?
marriage!? Lol
My mom knows and natatawa sya since I'm having it but not "getting some".
take advantage na!
pero scary magpills for derma chuva reasons eh
di ko lam ang brand. ... sabi nya... nawala daw sex drive nya
... pano pronounce... xaymaca?
ok na? bkit, retoke mo pa?
Hellllooo?! I cannot just ask him "-----, picture-picture kita!" hahahah!
ok lng even not ok.. we wont judge naman eh
i dunno abt u but i will judge! hahahahaha:))
wala ba sya friendster?
I already tried that, iba ginamit nya. Hindi sya Internet person. WORKAHOLIC sya!
bano? aileen?
he met with his friends and told them that he's seeing a HOT CHICK from the office!
anyone who isnt in friendster is bano
hot chick!!! Woohoo!
your HOT sweetie ;) that's fosho!!!
ay ganon.... REQUIREMENT na tlga ang friendster
Hello?! I dont even check my Friendster anymore. Mga once a week na lang. :))
Next hotseat si Aileen
ewaness! i like
New words to live by: grrrrnesss, ewaness, scandelilah
Ako love ko ngayon lahat ng may NESS
haha and i probably looked like i was growling
shiyeeeet, can there ever be a more SMB thing than what i did? yuuuuuck
"sick with the finger" can be taken out of context=))
you dirty mind YOU!
i can't help it! i'm a closet-bastos!:))
ahh THY -------- AND THY SEXY BUTT
yeah he thinks he's god's gift to women
SMB kayo pareho. Yun nga na-miss ko eh yung mga boylets na TEASE
Style Mo Bulok
question, sa age natin ha... ano na ang salary?
wow then im in the wrong job
i guess I.T. people have fatter paychecks syempre
p*ny*ta ang ingay dito sa min! dad's onto some carpentry project and our pitbull is whining!
the oct 2 bday boy
octoberfest? ano yon? hahaha!
mag=react nman kyo
di ko saulo number ko,, hehehe
mwah mwah mwah hugz

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