Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I am definitely NOT crushing anymore.
This is definitely 100% LIKING.
He now describes me NOT as an officemate but as the girl he's seeing.

Halo! I'm making yabang to my friend here. I told him I'm seeing a hot chick at the office, then showed him your pic.
~ Him, 9.23.04, 8:06 PM

Hot chick?! Haha!


Our Sweet September can be divided into two parts: the pre and post first date. Yep, we did spent a great amount of quality time together in the past month during breaks, smoke time and even trainings at the office. But it was nothing compared to the first REAL date we had last Sunday. Sparks were super all over! Actually, there's nothing truly special about it. We just had the usual coffee-movie-dinner date BUT the magical thing about it...was him. He's so amazing! I've never dated anyone as smart as him. We spent a huge amount of our date having heart-to-heart conversations about the sad past, the happy present and even the promising future. I should really thank Recipes for the great ambiance.

One super bonus: I've never dated anyone who appreciates Power Books as much as I do (Yeah, I dated so many dimwits in the past). Aileen! I even told him about our chance encounter at Power Books ages ago! Remember? Geez, he was so amused!

I like him and I'm sure that he already knows it by now. Our nice and giddy (but uncomfortable) silence at the office is now replaced by frequent comic banters which our department officemates are oblivious about. If they are sensing something, they are definitely keeping their silence about it. I know that a couple have hunches but they are letting it slide for the meantime. I am so loving the feeling! The special secret that we share makes working bearable amidst the power workforce that surrounds us. Actually, we are even quite obvious about it, either our officemates are too absorbed with their work or the ideas of "us" is too far-fetched for them.


If you're not afraid of what love brings, then endings are beginnings of beautiful things
~ Him, 9.28.04, 11:30 PM

He's been singing to me ONE HELLO for two days now. He told me that he heard it at Alvin's car and it had somehow stuck on him. Quite weird. It's been my song for him since the day we went to Dencio's (but he dunno anything about it). Either he already saw this blog or he's eavesdropping when I told Aimee at Dencio's that I like that song.

Or it is simply meant to be.

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