Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Here are some "CRUSH" factors in my new office. Harhar!

There can be a lot of potential guys in our office if not for several gold bands in their second finger. Yes...the office is FULL of married guys so I ceased the search for Mr. Right on the third day.

There was one guy who's thankfully single but I suspect that he's either TOO metrosexual or downright gay. I saw him flex his hands the unboyish way the other day while he was buried on his laptop.

Anyway, my kilig factor is not Mr. Metrosexual-Manager but Mr. XDA of our department. Actually, he's not from Marketing but with Applied & Commercial Sales but we feel that we are on the same unit since we share the same office, yada, yada, blah, blah. Anyway, you got the picture. Well, Mr. XDA is one of the two guys who recently got new XDA PDAs in our office (the one I was blabbing about a post ago). He's not really my type but he's cool and fun to be with unlike the other serious types in Sales.

Our first encounter started on my third day when he asked Aimee and I to go to some internal training on the ISO certification. He told us that he was the resident ISO guy in our department and he will soon be transferring the task to us. Eeek! Geekdom! ISO?! He accompanied us to the training and he was shutting us up everytime we will laugh at something or someone during the meeting. However, Mr. Goody Guy is not really clean because I caught him playing with his XDA while the lecturer is boring us out. Hmmm! After that, me and Aimee harrased him to eternity. He was manly yet child-like and that made him kindda adorable.

I am sensitive/"feeling"/assuming/presuming Princess when someone likes me. But here are some of the stuff that transpired today where I believe that "I am not dreaming". Be the judge and tell me if I am only overreacting or there's something that meets the eye:

1. Instead of asking for my digits, he asked me to fill-up an 'authograph' via his XDA Contact Manager. He said that I should fill all the info (stylus and all) including my favorite color. Smart-ass.

2. The other girl in Marketing is majorly crushing on him (it's one-way, baby) and we are always making fun of it via WinPop (read: Windows Instant Messaging). He kept on telling me (kiddingly, of course) to be careful since the other girl might see his messages to me and might get jealous.

3. He calls me: "Naku, eto pinakamakulit sa amin"...which is NOT really the case. I am TAME here.

4. He took two pictures of me today on his XDA.

5. He sent me a WinPop this afternoon inviting us (me and Aimee) for coffee and he paid for my snacks.

5. Here's the best. He borrowed my cellphone the other day to view my pictures. I thought it was just the usual-nosey-person viewing pics of other people BUT he borrowed it again today. I was actually embarrassed because he saw my folder titled "I.Me.Myself." where I have around 30+ pictures of MYSELF. It was my personal pics on my personal phone which I carelessly saved since nobody is looking/using/borrowing my phone but me. He's such a gentleman and did not made fun of it and even asked me to send to him "his favorite" picture of moi. The one taken at Bora last year.

So, am I getting the right signal or I am just majorly exaggerating?

Two letdown:
a) He's a smoker - i never had a boyfriend nor dated one who is.
b) Same name as one of my ex.

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