Monday, September 06, 2004

:: SICKO! ::

It took me great amount of inner strength and willpower to wake up this morning for work. I slept for almost 32 hours last weekend due to nasty colds, coughs and fever. Blame it to the ceiling-mounted aircon Carrier Zen series above me. It was so friggin' cold last Friday inside our office despite the fact that I lowered down the thermostat twice. Well...that's Carrier Air-conditioning for you. *ahem* Welcome to Anchorage!

I spent the entire weekend in bed with my Paracetamols and other meds beside me. I also downed several Calamansi juice and consumed several wads of tissue paper. Haaay! The weather is so unpredictable so the influenza bout is also in season these days. Along the weekend-torture, I also watched two old flicks, Julia Roberts' America's Sweetheart and Tom and Renee's Jerry Maguire. Yeah, nothing can fight the virus but good ole mush.

It's the usual whataday! in the office since it's Monday again. There were the usual tempers, rush-rush-rush and practically "cave-in" work that Monday brings. I also had my first meeting with our Retail Sales group because I'll be handling them for the meantime since their boss is out on maternity leave. Such a crazy morning!I have loads to learn and people kept on asking me to sign and decide on stuff. Jeepers! Horrors! I also had another meeting with the Sales Managers in the afternoon where we listened endlessly to the market and industry sales analysis report for August. It was a crazier afternoon! Good thing my buddies from Applied & Commercial Sales saved me from insanity with their endless toothing and winpopping (Read: Winpop is legal here! Yeppers! BUT highly monitored so no bad-mouthing of bosses. It actually amazes me how they monitor pops *scratches head*).

Taken from Marky's XDA!
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Some plugs...

  • It's the 33rd BPI Madness @ the Glorietta from September 9-26, 2004. This will be (presumably) the last madness for the year and my first for my new company : ) So, get your new goodies and gadgets this madness.

  • There will be a Luxury Car Show at Rockwell on September 16-18, 2004. Honda Cars Makati, Inc. will be joining (with the new V6 Accord I suppose) in partnership with Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. See you all there.

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