Wednesday, September 01, 2004

:: O2 XDA II ::

O2 is not a familiar brand unlike the popular PalmOne here in the Philippines. Much to my dismay. I've been canvassing for a decent but inexpensive PDA since last year but my search has been futile. My first choice was either a PalmOne Tungsten T3, Tungsten C or the economical Tungsten E. But with the advent of new features like high-tech connectivity, built-in Wi-Fis and cameras in PDAs, I am becoming more confused than ever what to buy. Plus some of their prices are too astronomical for words.

Then yesterday, two of my officemates got themselves some spankingly new 02 XDA II for a bargain! I've always been a PalmOne dreamer but their new O2s made me think twice (aside from the goodie promo marketing it has). Since it's not really immensely popular here compared to other brands, I have to rely on foreign reviews from the Internet. I've scanned some of my gadget mags but they don't have any available reviews or articles on it except for this one I found at Philstar. Damns.


In a nutshell, the 02 XDA II is an all-in-one Pocket PC that includes a tri-band GPRS Camera Phone with bluetooth connectivity. It also comes with 400MHz processor and 128MB internal memory (w/ expansion slot). I really don't want an all-in-one package (yeah, the woman in me) but would rather have a plain PDA with advanced features minus the phone. Plus, it doesn't come with a keyboard so you'll do your SMS via stylus. Ah, weird. Anyway, I am majorly considering this gadget. Its SRP of P48,500 ($867.00) is too much compared to the super steal price where my officemates got theirs, so I am seriously thinking. I checked Amazon and it's pegged at a whooping $1,000++. Holy cow! Drop me a line if you are familiar with this great Pocket PC, ok?

T3 Magazine ranked it 4th next to PalmOne Tungsten T3, Tungsten C and Handspring Treo. The Tungsten C pegged at P28,000 ($500.00) is also a very goood buy since it has built-in Wi-Fi (Gee, are there any FREE hot spots here? Haha) and is great for music and vids. The XDA has optinal wi-fi capabilities so I have to buy extra stuff to go wi-fi. current choice is really between XDA II or Tungsten C.

PalmOne Tungsten C


I've long traded my Windows Media Player to the elusive iTunes. I don't have any regrets or complaints until I found one of my beloved MP3 Jazz CD that I thought I lost when we transferred office. I tried playing the CD in my PC but iTunes doesn't continuously play it unlike Winamp or Media Player. Is there a friggin' way to play it @ iTunes? Please let me know. I have deleted my Winamp but thankfully not my Media Player. Ugh! I just so hate it when I have to use two applications for the same thing.

Song of the Moment: Baby, Don't Break My Heart Slow (Ally McBeal) - Vonda Shephard

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