Thursday, September 02, 2004


It was such a very nasty day at work since we don't have...WATER the whole day. Geez! Some pipes got busted that left us H20 less for most of the day. People were complaining left and right and the e-mail system was bombarded with several comments and pleas to fix it back ASAP. As for work, people are less chaotic and less pressure because of the looming weekend. Today was also my busiest ever since one of our support staff got sick so we have to sub for him amidst the more important assignment that my boss asked me to do. One of the managers started my day right when he left a bunch of papers with an "Abbie, comment?" on it TOO early this morning. That waiting work prevented me from having my usual morning session with Reggie, JP and George at the cafeteria. We are joining the BPI Madness next week and the big boss asked me to help study and re-cost some figures thus the urgency of the manager. The day progressed with more e-mails of work from my boss who asked me to study some system we have for retail sales. I am actually loving the work I am being tasked to do since it involves new things for me.

Lunch was also good since the two new owners of the 02 XDA II shared to us their cool toys. It was absolutely nice! The resolution of the screen is too damn perfect. Ohh...I wish I have one.

The water came back at 5:00 pm. Thanks but no thanks.

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