Thursday, September 23, 2004

We met. We saw. We conquered?
Not so fast, dearie.

I've been getting closer to 'this guy of mine' who I've been crushing on for weeks. Things are fine and the SMSs are good (no forwarded ones!). The giddy feeling is still there but there are already disappointments that are slowly creeping in. Silly stuff but nevertheless quirky. Read on.

1. The way his machoism is preventing him to be sweet to me in person. Yup, there were sweet texts, winpops, and occasional teasings but I am still waiting for the grand, sweet, PERSONAL gesture from him. His friends sometimes teases me to him but those are subdued. Either he hasn't 'fess up yet to his friends or his friends are still trying to gauge how will I react to him and his moves.

2. He's always overworked.
Rush breakfast, quick lunch (or sometimes non at all), no dinner! No QT! Work is a priority and I am a distraction.

3. Differences
I hope that our differences will be as trivial as this: he loves Tom Hanks' Terminal but I hated it, he prefers XDA than Palm Tungsten, and he would rather buy a 3.2 megapixel digicam rather than a 5mp one.

4. Middle-child (syndrome?!)
Let's hope and pray that he got a well-balanced personality and disposition.

5. Textmates
Our quality moments involve our mobile phones! Smart and Globe are definitely richer with our constant texting. But I don't want a textmate...I want somebody!!!

6. Sarcasm and Compliments
He doesn't handle sarcasm well and he doesn't want compliments either. There are only two ways for me to subtly show my feelings, either I fire him with sarcastically nice comments or shower him with compliments. Gee, where the heck am I going to fit in? Beats me.

Nevertheless, I am not giving up! This might be a gem worth holding on to.
This might be a keeper.


"Would you like me to sing to you until you sleep?"

"I told Mon I was fine alone. I was contented. More than a few things have changed since you came."

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