Saturday, October 30, 2004


Twenty-one hours from now and I'll be in Baguio!
I am so happy. I am so excited. I am!

Trips like this makes me fidgety and nervous. Dunno why. It's probably because of the uber-excitement it brings. I worry, I over-analyze and I think of a hundred and one things that will go wrong.

My only counter-measure: prayers.

My parents (especially my dad) is so traditional. They are so into all that "lets-do-the-family-thing-together". Holidays, birthdays, reunions, get-togethers are all important events. And this is one tradition that I will not be joining them. Actually, this will be a first for me.

I am talking about Halloween and All Saint's Day. Halloween means bringing Gabbie to all the possible Trick or Treat Parties in the metro and All Saint's Day means non-stop stories with relatives & friends and endless mauseleoum-hopping with my numerous cousins. My dad even went on drama mode while we were at Pink Sisters in Tagaytay the other day. He asked me if "Desedido ka na ba?" Huh?! What?! Where? He was talking about the Baguio trip. He asked if I am so heck-bent in going despite the fact that I will miss the All Saint's Day festivities with the rest of the clan. Duh?!

I filed my leave yesterday (for Tuesday) and I asked approval from no less than the CEO/President himself since my VP boss is still in Edinburg. He signed my leave docs without question. BUT my other nosey officemates asked gazillion questions on my Tuesday whereabouts. I reasoned that I'll be in extended vacation with my "family". It's not exactly a lie since he told me that "he's family". Haha. We will be going with a bunch of his friends and a couple of officemates.

Anyway, I am still nervy about this trip. It will be a series of first for me. Foremost, it will be the first vacation where I will be with a special someone. It will be my first R&R with no-business-attached. It will be my first Baguio trip (or any trip for that matter) where I am not looking forward to shopping - this will be pure rest and gimmicking. And this will be my first trip minus the Internet. Awww, I'll miss you guys!

I am so excited. Let's hope that everything turns out well.

We will be leaving Manila around 3:00 pm. Me and the special someone will be attending first to our respective family duties in the morning and early afternoon. He'll be going to his Gram's Birthday lunch while I'll be in going to the cemetery in the morning and the annual Trick or Treat for my nieces in the afternoon in Acropolis.

GMA made bawi to her non-Holiday declaration of November 2 (All Soul's Day). There will be no work on November 15 (ending of Muslims' Ramadan) and November 29 (Bonifacio Day will be celebrated a day early). Whatever.

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