Thursday, November 04, 2004

It's exquisite, it's divine, it's serene.
Oh Baguio!

Baguio used to be one of our family's yearly summer getaways. I remembered being excited while we prepare and anticipate for every Baguio retreat that we had. Mom would usually buy books and magazines to keep us entertained on the long journey. Dad was always happy because of the relaxing ambience and cool San Francisco weather it brings. There were Baguio with Dad's officemates, Baguio with cousins and relatives and Baguio with family friends. I hold so many fond memories at the City of Pines. There were endless tourist-hopping at Wright Park, Burnham, ube-buying at Good Shepherd's, pilgrimage at the Cathedral and Pink Sisters, dining at the Baguio Country Club and John Hay and a whole lot more.

Baguio somehow lost its appeal to me when I went for a visit with my Assumption classmates in college. The trip was a community development and enrichment project in Benguet but we stayed at the Assumption Convent at Crystal Cave in Baguio. It was during the very cold February month when we had the trip. I remembered being so lazy, longing, cold and sick on our entire stay. Baguio definitely lost me that time.

Two years ago, Honda sponsored some seminar for college kids on safety driving that was held in Baguio. I was hesitant to go but was left with no choice. It was a very rainy August month when went there. I was with Lee, Jun and my beloved cellphone. That trip was divine! It was truly romantic (despite the fact that I don't have anyone to romance it with). I still can't forget the giddy feeling that I had as we walk along Session Road armed with our goodies _(read: veggies, fruits, jams & ukay-ukay finds. It was an adventurous trip ooozzzing with shopping. Oh Baguio...you got me again!

Me @ Baguio - while leaning on someone

The last I had over the Halloween Weekend was truly a memorable one. I cannot find an appropriate description but MEMORABLE. It's neither good nor bad. I enjoyed but I cannot say that I truly had fun. It was pure rest, sleeping, and bonding with friends and new-found friends over red wine. It was a learning experience that I will forever remember. Is it a mistake? Is it right? I am still undecided. It was a new Baguio for me. It became a foreign place with lots of promises. I dunno if I kept my end of the bargain but Baguio surely did.

Am I going back?
I don't know. It depends. I'm still undecided.
There's still a very huge part of me that's hoping that I will.

I left my heart in Baguio and I don't know if I even want it back.

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