Saturday, October 09, 2004


I'm having a lousy Saturday. No night-out. No date. No coffee with the girls. Quiet dinner at home with the family. No out-of-town to look forward on Sunday. Li'l argument with the parents. Aaarrgggh.

What a boring day. What a lousy night. The Internet is my sole solitary confinement. I'm even having trouble writing this entry. Definitely ho-hum.

I had a very busy week at work since Edel came back from maternity leave and I had to do a lot of updating and turn-over to her. I've also started my late nights since there were too many marketing analysis and action plans that I have to turn in. Talk about over-utilizing! Geez, I single-handedly once again turned into a work whore. Damns. The only bonus this time is Pong, who turn in later nights than I do. We love our work and company, we can't help it! Hah! In fact, he's currently slaving on his PC at home for some internal requirement due on Monday. Thus my dateless Saturday (or rather my dateless weekend).

Speaking of "the guy who brings me happiness", we had our first ridiculous "now I'm mad" last Wednesday evening. The episode prompted me to ignore him for more than a day and a half since I cannot fully understand what's going on his mind. The ceasefire finally came when he caringly waited for me for lunch (since I was still on a lenghty meeting with Sales) while the rest of the guys took off. We argued a bit more on our way to ATC but we settled it just in time with the Tuna Belly at Gerry's. The sweetness came back right after I sent him a "I just have to get this off my chest" letter which I rushingly (is there such a word?) made on a meeting while our Luzon Sales Manager was bickering and complaining to our Sales Coordinators! Hah! Nice one! I explained to him in detail why I got pissed and why I ignored him since I don't want him to think that I'm bratty-needy-feely-demanding. I also put in a bit I'm-not-in-a-rush-lets-not-worry-about-the-future-lets-enjoy-the-moment-thanks-for-the-happiness-you-bring. It's all worth it since I got an SMS (since I was still on a meeting) from him telling me that he's tired but will go to our company bowling tourney for a chance to spend time with me. Awww! He also told me that my letter touches. Did I tell you that this guy is so good with words? I'm so addicted.

Anyway, it's still a ho-hum Saturday.


It was intensity 6.5 on the scale and the epicenter was Puerto Galera, Mindoro. Been blog hopping this afternoon and I saw several post about it. I was still at our company's bowling tournament (it just ended) when it happened. I was talking with Reggie while replying to Pong's text (he left earlier with Willie) when I felt it. I thought that I was just dizzy but Reggie immediately grabbed my arm and told me that we must leave since it was shaking. Gee, the bowling monitors were all swaying! My first instinct was to let it pass but was carefully recalling the Triangle of Life (read: DON'T go under heavy objects but lie beside it) in my head. Reggie led me out of the alley to the parking lot together with Girlie and Cindy. It was pretty scary since we panicked! Plus the mall where we were in was not exactly an ideal place.

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