Monday, November 22, 2004


I was reading my past blog entries when I saw what I wrote exactly four months ago. This is worth repeating. Especially NOW.

Hit it!

"Three relationships in the past and I survived them all unscathed. Bloody but unbowed, it made me wiser, choosy-picky, often OC and sometimes even cynical amidst the commitment phobic guys of my current age and time. In the age of Cosmo women, men who constantly cheats, the Sex and The City phenomena and the convenient world of the Internet where everything is just a click away, looking for the 'perfect, ideal ONE' is far from reach. But when love knocks in the unexpected way you will forget the rules you've set and will eventually give in to make it work. I (still) truly believe in serendipity and happy endings. What is bound to happen will happen. If it's meant to be then it's meant to be."

Read here the entire Relations From Long Ago post. This is one of my favorites! Enjoy!

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