Sunday, November 21, 2004

:: LET ME BE ::

A picture says a thousand words. Here are my stories this week.
I am too busy and too "wandering" to blog about anything. Pardon me.

It's a Saturday (Sunday dawn actually) and I am here at home having quiet time. It is actually good. I was planning to go out with my highschool friends but we've gotten too tamad because of the rain and the bed weather it brings. I've been out almost everyday this week. Watched The Incredibles and had dinner with Aileen, Charo, Jako, Kaloy and Troy last Sunday. Had lunch at the new Dencio's at Brittany Bay last Tuesday. Dined and wined with Mark at Vivere's Skyline (It's so romantic there, I swear!) last Tuesday. Coffee and dessert business meeting at Figaro Brittany Bay with Aimee and Luci. Surprise coffee and Yellow Cab with Candy, Row and Apple (so many common friends, huh?). Shopping and dinner with Mikko on Thursday. Hair pampering and straightening last Friday. Whew! Whataweek!

The Incredibles: me, Aileen, Charo, Jako, Kaloy and Troy

"Camille & Chuckie"
We look good together, right? But we are "too friends" to even think about it. OATMEAL, indeed!

Check out Aileen's Blog for a detailed account of our merry-making last Sunday.

My hair is not really curly but it got giant waves. After many weeks of procrastinating, I went to nearby Alabang to get it over and done with. To a mere observer, the difference is not really that much, but it means a lot to me. Teeheehee!

I bought two pairs last week! Grabe! I am so addicted to shoes! Just recently, I have fixation with those slim and thin heels that makes you a bit taller than the rest of the population. Hahaha. Check out one of my new favorites!

My Sexy Foot on my Sexy Shoe!

Due to the 'success' of my "Ped Xing Princess" story a blog ago, I am posting the proverbial offense ticket that the Apprehending Officer gave to me. Yep, I am TRULY cherishing it! That incident went down to my list of "funny stories of my life" along with my almost-mugged story two and a half years ago while I was texting along the steps of my office building at Paseo de Roxas. The 'inexperienced' mugger demanded for my cellphone while pointing a knife at my arm. I found it so hilarious since he could've gotten my bag or watch which he can easily get BUT instead asked for my cell. I refused and was even ready for the knife's blow. Good thing the guard from the oppossite building saw what's happening and immediately went to my aid. Too bad he got away.

Jaywalking ticket especially made for Ms. "Anna Theresa Vida".
The WHO?!


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Oh! I've been dying to plug and promote this, for the wallowing and sad heart: Memoirs of a Single-Man. I got it from D's blog. Truly good, truly poignant. Weep and enjoy!

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