Sunday, November 14, 2004

What is making me high and happy these days? Let me tell you.

Aileen, Mitzi and Tin are going gaga over this flick and they've been "promoting" it since last month. I've been dying to watch it but doesn't have the time. So last Friday, before dawn, I finally made time and watched it. One word: SURREAL. I did not enjoy it thoroughly WHILE I am watching it but I did love it AFTER I watched it. There's something poignant about the film that makes it so lovable and profound. Would you believe that I cried after Jesse/Ethan said "I know"? Haha. So melodramatic of me. Watch it! Nice conversations, beautiful Paris streets, very nice Julie Delphy, hunky Ethan, numerous quotable quotes and one heck of a "learning experience".

I've been so busy these days but I will find time to watch the following over the weekend: Wimbledon, First Daughter, The Notebook and Sex & The City Season 6. I'm procrastinating over SATC though. Don't want to end it YET. My friend even gushed last night about the Miranda-I-Love-You-Steve episode at Brady's first birthday party! Galing! Galing! One of SATC's best episodes ever!

Me, Olen and Bim went to to CPK ATC last night to catch up and gossip. I so miss them. I miss our shopping adventures, movies and even those minutes of gossiping during lunch break. I miss them and the way they take care of me. Olen and Bim is definitely one of my "safest and comfort" places.

I also scheduled numerous "meeting with friends" this weekend. I'll be seeing some friends from my former office later tonight and I'll be having lunch tomorrow with Aileen and Charo in Alabang. Finally. :)

Little pains, little hurts, little sadness...I am NOT embracing but I am still happy about it. Those things make me human. Those things make me think and ponder. Good thing I have enough sense and love in me to understand, accept, move on and live my life that way I wanted it to be.

When one gets an Ericsson, you will get the following: form, style and function. I AM AMAZED. My new K700i rocks! I love its audio capabilities that make me play my favorite MP3s and radio stations in clear stereo-like fashion. I love its animated message sending and its melodious tones. Too bad the picture resolution is not so "alive" like my old Nokia.

Its's call and text 24/7. Hahahaha! I haven't activated it yet but days of more cellebabad will be upon me. See yah, Sunny friends! This is definitely good news for Mikko and his Globe cellphone bill. Good thing Emie is SO understanding.

This is definitely something that makes me truly-ly HAPPY and giddy these days. I am FINALLY in love again! I am in love with myself! I love me, me, me. I've been neglecting me in the last couple of months and its about time that I reconnect with myself again. It's about time that I spend time with me again. A friend told me the other day that I must know first what I wanted in life for me to make firm decisions on things that are bothering me. Heck, no! I know from the very start what I wanted...and I know how to get there. It's true that I lost myself for a while... but I am back now. Better than ever, I must say. So, friends and enemies, beware...wala ng libre libre ha! Haha. Tapos na maliligayang araw nyo! *wink*

I got an unexpected e-mail last Thursday. This might be the answer to my question. I am still hesitant BUT this might be the light at the end of the tunnel in more ways than one. There's nothing wrong in showing up and check what they have to offer, right? Tune in.

He makes me happy. Correction...he makes me TRULY happy. He makes me happy unromantically speaking. He knows just the right words to tell me. He doesn't give me crap and BS since he generally knows me inside out. He still patronizes me and shower me with compliments at times just to lift my spirits and give me the much-needed ego boost. I am just wondering WHY he's hiding from me these days. Hmmm, could it be because he finally met THE one and doesn't know how to tell me about it? Or is it because he's afraid that I am the one who will do THE talking? Can you believe that we talk about everything except each other's lovelives? Well, that's why we are such GOOD friends nowadays. *grins*

Forget speeding tickets, swerving and yellow lane offenses. I don't drive so I don't have problems with MMDA. But I walk a lot so I got a st*pid Jaywalking Ordinance offense yesterday in Alabang. It was comedy of errors! Haha. I used every imaginable Best Actress technique in my book to escape the ticket. I somehow failed but it was nevertheless great. It's good to be biatchy on something again. It felt good to release and bent-out your negative energies into something. I got mad, I begged, I made pa-cute, I whined, I argued! Whew! I did everything but the 'Damsel in Distress' act. Coincidentally, my dad called up while I was talking to the Apprehending Officer but he perfectly knows that his independent-minded, strong-willed daughter can easily outsmart and escape situations like this. No need for Knight in Shining Armour. Yep, I did get the offense ticket, I did not pay (Hah! Jail me if you must but I am not paying! I am highly-principled in matters like this no matter how small the amount is), the other policeman is TOO kind to me and when I got to the office I realized that the ewan officer named the ticket after "Anna Theresa Vida" (with 'Anna' as my name, 'Theresa' as my middle name and 'Vida' as my family name)! Duh?! That's NOT even me! Sometimes it pays to have numerous names. Coast clear! What is my funniest hirit? "Huh?! Huhulihin nyo ako at kakasuhan para lang sa Jaywalking?! Akala ko ba friendliest city ang Muntinlupa?! Okay lang kayo? Olen is still laughing until now.

In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, through hang-overs and coffee-overload, through good times and bad, through promotion and unemployment, through excessive texting and airtime abuse, through loving and heartbreaks, through my crazy humor and constant laboness, these people always stood by me - Tintin, Aileen, Olen, Bim, Mikko, Mitzi, Charo and Bugs. :) Ain't I SO lucky to have all of you? Thanks for all that has been and for all that will be.

It's from Clinique. It's my NOW scent. Super nice smell. Very feminine and natural. I am also in love with my scent. Hah. Screw me. So narcissistic.

Happiness is a CHOICE.

Thank God I'm Happy!

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