Sunday, December 05, 2004


1. There's a period in time when you have to do things on your own. Things that you have to be independent and solid about. Things that you don't have to rely on your parents' approval. Things like money, living arrangements, opinion on issues, and even religion. I am definitely changing AND growing up.

2. There's a time when you are confused and you don't know how far will you go for love. Is loving in vain the right thing to do?

3. I have a boyfriend! Funny thing is...I am the only one who knows about it! He has a girlfriend! Funny thing is...he's the only one who knows about it!

4. Choices supersedes destiny. There are things that are meant to be but can be change when we use our free will.

5. Do you know that supersedes can also be spelled as supercedes. So weird.

6. Writing is FUN! I am definitely going back to WRITING. It's one of my earliest passions in life. Thank God for blogs and the way it reunited me with my old fogotten obsession.

7. I can surf all day and all night. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's an addiction.

9. I have different sets of close friends. They all have funny ways on how they view my independence (or the lack of it). One simple example is the way we part ways after a late night of gimmicking. One bunch would bring me home and will not leave until I am safely inside with a matching goodbye greeting of "I'll text you when I get home". Another would also bring me home and would even go down to chat with my mom or anyone who opens the gate. There's also a bunch who would just drop me off in front of our house and would speedily drive away. And there's the last one who will just wait until I hail a cab before driving away. Funny.

10. There's always a certain degree of difference the way I deal and interact with my different set of friends.

11. Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. That adage fits me perfectly. No wonder he sees me as someone who's nice and kind. Wait until he meets my Forces pals, he'll probably recommend me for sainthood! I realized just recently how NICE and KIND all my friends are. They are not really the friendly bunch but they are definitely caring, compassionate and optimistic. My other set even has a charity fund drive this Christmas!

12. I want to be an inspiration. To someone. To my friends. To everyone.

13. I care too much. I give love too much. To everyone.

14. He deserves me. He deserves someone who's caring, understanding and compassionate. He deserves someone who's up to be the next Mother Teresa.

15. If I have to do college all over again, I'll probably go to a university and study something more theoretical, technical or medical. I would've studied Law, Computer Science or Medicine. I am easy-going and fun-loving in highschool thus my mediocre grades. I should've study better and longer in preparation for higher learning.

16. I am a late bloomer when it comes to academics. My mom still cannot believe that I pulled all those brilliant grades in college. Either I am really bright or my course and subjects are no-brainers.

17. I am better in saying things than in documenting things.

18. One thing I am truly good at: THE ART OF MAKING BOLA & PALUSOT! Try me.

19. I need a partner at work who's detailed and good in documentation. I can plan, think, analyze and conceptualize everything while she document all the things that I have to think and say.

20. I rely a lot on top-of-mind thoughts and gut-feel.

21. I would rather be intelligent and bright than rich. I would rather be sexy than beautiful.

22. People see me as shallow and flighty because of my highly-extrovert attitude and social butterfly personality. Heck, who said that introverts are intelligent and better? To a certain degree, I hate introverts! They make extroverts like me look bad! They always make me feel guilty. Oooppss, no offense to my introvert readers.

23. I fell in love a couple of times but it never felt this GOOD. It never felt this FRUSTRATING. And most importantly, it never felt this RIGHT. I truly believe that sometimes you just know.

24. I try to do everything passionately. I try to do all things with heart.

25. Merriam-Webster On-line is truly God-given.

26. I am an ambitious biatch. I want to go up to the very top of the corporate ladder (BUT fairly and squarely). I would like to pursue higher academic learnings and excellence. I would like to earn big to sustain my growing lifestyle. I want to be the kick-ass biatch you see in movies. BUT at the end of the way, all I want is to be a good wife and mother.

27. I am confident, I am smart, I am beautiful BUT I am not secure. I am quick-tempered, I am impulsive, I am a bitch when provoked BUT I also forgive easily. I am not super intelligent BUT I am bright, smart and with common sense.

28. The best and the most beautiful things in life cannot be seen nor touched. They must be felt with the heart.

29. I love talking. I can talk all day and all night. Non-stop. I never run out of things to say. I am so AMAZED I can do that.

30. I always love the limelight. I love me and myself. If I don't, who would?

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