Saturday, December 04, 2004


Here are some random stuff on my mind that I have to share and unload to the rest of the world. I also have three survey questions which I hope you can answer. Read on.

Schools and most offices were closed yesterday due to super typhooon Yoyong BUT the day turned out to be ironically fine and even a bit sunny. I went to work and had a blast doing almost-nothing since most of my officemates filed Emergency Leaves due to floods in their area. So, where are the people in the neighborhood? At the malls! Where else? Geeez! Me and Mark went to ATC and Dencio's Filinvest to eat but was surprised to see it SO full. We went to Tagaytay (again) instead. It's my third time to go there this week. At hindi pa din ako nagsasawa! It's definitely one of the most cool, feel-good, romantic places for me. Why go all the way to Baguio when Tagaytay is just 30 minutes away?

Do you ever feel/hear this? There are certain songs that kept on following me everywhere and anywhere I go! It's at the office, at the mall, in the taxi and even in those videoke machines at the mall. Some are okay, some annoying and some even makes me think if it's a sign. Haha.

Stalker Songs of the Moment:
If I Am Not In Love With You
Sa Isip Ko'y Kayap Ka Pa
I'll Never Get Over You
Can't Cry Hard Enough
Sweet Caress

Survey #1 - Do you also experience this? Are there also songs that kept on tailing you? Answer via comment box.


What is the biggest and bestest compliment I've ever received from him? Answer: I am nice and I am kind. WHOA! Me?! M-A-B-A-I-T! Hahahaha! I never considered myself as mabait. Geez, far cry! He's definitely NOT pulling my leg when he said that. He also said that's one of his reasons for liking me. I dunno. Either he's blind or his friends, exes, or girls from the past are truly mean. To solve the matter, I did a mini-quiz and asked my dearest friends if I am really a saint or a biatch. This is worth blogging, so I am posting. Crucify me now.

A: Mabait ka syempre. Eh di sana hindi na kita friend if you are an evil, evil biatch. You always look out for the well-being of others. You are biatchy only when provoked. Thus, a biatch with a cause. Hehe!

M: Mabait ka naman talaga eh. You're just bitchy by choice. It's like the bitchy attitude is just a front to make you look strong pero mabait ka talaga.

My Mom: Ikaw? Mabait?! Inaaway mo nga ako eh!

*Names are witheld to protect their identities. They did some major ass-kissing that can offend the multitudes. Haha!

Survey #2 - So, am I really MABAIT? Haha! Answer again via comment box.


Christmas is just around the corner and I thank friends who tell me what they actually want as gifts. I am usually a feely/touchy/sensitive person except in gift-giving (these days anyway). I blame it to the fast-paced, stress world that I am living in. I am usually clever and bright with surprises, giving of gifts gimmicks and the like. My touch is wearing out. I now prefer the convenient route rather than the lets-think-of-something-sweet-and-special-which-he-will-forever-remember.

I dunno what to give him this Christmas. How about just ME? Hahah! As if he wanted THAT. I know that it doesn't have to be expensive BUT it has to be something SPECIAL. It has to be something that I've carefully chosen. Any ideas? Plus, I don't want it to be "just a gift". I have to carefully plan and execute the gift-giving itself. It has to be unique and creative. Geeez! I cannot think of anything. So, un-Abbie! This is usually my forte!

Survery # 3 - Any surprise gift ideas? Can you share your "best gift stories"? Help via comment box.


I would like to write some more but I'll be going to Raymond's Despedida Dinner at Italiannis in a while! Do give comments, okay? :) Will blog again later. Off I go! Ta-ta!

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