Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I spent the whole of Sunday at Tagaytay Highlands with my cousins from my father side of the family. We thoroughly enjoyed the day with endless sightseeing, unwinding, relaxing, reading, picture taking (mostly coming from Ross' kick-ass camera phone which we swear we'll each buy soon!), and pigging out. It was nice to be around people who cares & loves you and who give endless tight and warm hugs when the need arises (which is quite often lately). Being together with Ate Eliza, Kuya Randy & Ate Beth, Jaymee, Ross and Rob provided me comfort beyong expectations. I'm especially grateful for my older cousins since I've always longed to have big sisters and brothers who will guide and give advices. We entertained and amused each other and they were even patient with my numerous unusual comments such as "I've just realized that catastrophes came in late in my life!". That totally cracked them. We stayed most of our time at the Sports Veranda where we had amazing desserts and coffee, almost rode the cable car and had nice conversations about life, loves, movies, books, family properties and family secrets.

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The Pinballs.
Me, Eliza and Jaymee

We went back to Laguna just in time for my dad's 57th birthday celebration. We truly had a blast reminiscing yesteryears, pouring over old pictures (and my college yearbook), and complimenting (or insulting) each other's dishes. We also consumed a loooooot of wine courtesy of Ate Eliza who's now a marketing honcho in one of the biggest wine distributors here in the Philippines. I truly had a nice and enjoyable time with my cousins. We actually cannot get enough of each other lately. We are definitely making up for all those lost years.

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