Thursday, April 07, 2005


Dear Aileen, Tin, Cha, Ivy, Mitz, Ol, Bim, Jen, Pats, Tish, Bugs,

I will be fine. It may rain for 40 nights and 40 days but I believe that the sun will still rise and shine. Thanks for the constant support, understanding and friendship. I know that I act like a royal highness at times (okay, most of the time) but despite that, your love never waver and falter. Life is not treating me well lately and I know that I can be a royal pain in the butt. Heck, you have your own lives to live than cater to your self-absorbed friend, right? But, still, you are all there for me. Ready to pick up the phone, or reply to an SMS, or wallow with me over alcohol or coffee.

I was walking along N*ss*n this afternoon when I suddenly realized I'm actually happy. I got several SMS of concern and delight from some of you regarding my 'controversial' job application and I got deliriously joyous about it. Yes, it may not be the text that I was truly expecting and hoping, but it was even more than that. It made me happy knowing there's a bunch of people who has genuine concern for me, my welfare, and my well-being. But, of course, I know that part of that "concern" was the fact that you all hope that I will go back FAST to my usual fun-loving, easy-going, who-cares-if-the-bill-is-expensive, loving me. Soooooon, my friends. Soon. I know I can do it. I may still whine, complain, hurt, pain and do crazy thing in the name of love BUT I know I will bounce back. I know I can bounce back. The end is not yet near. The journey is still long and hard BUT I know I can make it back safe and sound. After all, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger (and I'm heck sure that this is NOT a suicide note).

Abbie / Bry / Abs / Bie

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