Wednesday, April 13, 2005


When a door closes, a window opens. Everything happens for a reason. In HIS time. The previous lines are definitely the appropriate words to say on the issue of my career. My job hunt specifically. The good news is I got a very irrisistable job offer this afternoon that seems truly perfect to what I am searching for.

When I left Honda almost a year ago, I know for a fact that it will be a tough act to follow. It's a great, systematized organization where I truly learned a lot. I met a lot of people there who are now my lifelong friends and it also gave me so many experiences and adventures that I treasure until this very day. I know that it will take some time to match or surpass what I had at Honda.

The Carrier work came two months after my resignation from Honda. I tried to make it work but I know deep inside that I have to leave it sooner or later. I know that it was my transitional company. It was my breather and halfway house. And not surprisingly it actually became that. I parted ways with Carrier on my fifth month. The story behind my resignation aka 'sudden death' was not known to many. It's not a big secret but I just don't want to talk about it. I still view it as a failure no matter how much I sugar coat it. Parting with the company is easy but saying goodbye to officemates and friends are harder. It's truly hard to let go when you're not prepared. It's hard to move on when a part of you still want to stay.

The first quarter of the year was truly hard for me. It was a "lost quarter" with so many...losses. The glee, joy and comfort that I had from the last quarter of 2004 never made it to the year of the rooster. However, the first sign of a "good career year" came in two weeks ago from a headhunter. He told me that the job I want from last November is still up for grabs. I was surprised and immediately toyed the idea that it's probably meant for me. Apparently, it's truly is. :)

The job and work that is upon me came into my life last November. I saw the job advertisement on-line and immediately submitted my resume and portfolio despite the fact that I've only been with Carrier for less than three months. The call came in a few days after and they scheduled me for the initial interview (I think it was the 18th of November). I remembered being sooo tired and sleepy while filling-out the necessary application forms since I had a late night with friends at a nearby Yellow Cab. I also bought new stilleto shoes just for the occassion. I breezed through the first interview and the HR guy told me right away that he's recommending for the position and should wait for his call for the next screening. I was very happy with the outcome so I went to the nearby mall and bought another pair of shoes (strappy stilleto this time) since my new ones are killing me.

The next interview was with the Marketing Director (the hiring boss) and there were four or five of us who were interviewed. That interview was a whole lot harder, trickier, and longer than the previous one. We discussed nitty-gritty details of my previous work, personal and career goals, proposed advertising and marketing plan for the company, and a lot of stuff in between. I kept my prayer vigil that week and got my answer when they called and scheduled my final interview with the President on the day that coincides with Carrier's Red Christmas Party. Unfortunately, HR called again and cancelled the appointment since there were conflicts with the schedule. They also told me that there are four shortlisted applicants for the position.

January 2005 came but instead of the final interview, a series of exams dawned upon me. It was the toughest, most organized, most comprehensive and most technical employment exam that I ever took. It was also the most memorable and admirable. I received an e-mail from the company's third party US-based consultant and they asked me to take a three-hour on-line exam composed of 9 sections. Geeeez! It was quite hard. It goes beyond your usual abstract, numerical, reading comprehension thingamajig. It was a mix of personality exams, business approaches, problem solving, planning and strategy and situational assessment. It was a definite wow! And it did not end there. I also had a one and a half hour phone interview with one of the consultants who even gave me a case study to work on. My brother was surprised when he heard me talking business on the phone at 11pm (since the consultant is at Dallas, TX). I learned a week after that I passed the assessment in flying colors. Hehe. Goodie!

The final interview never came. I called mid-February and they told me that there were two of us being considered for the position. I called repeatedly until they told me that the other candidate was already inteviewed and was offered the position. Dammmmns! I was already out of Carrier at that time and was actively looking for a job. I was truly disappointed but nevertheless moved on.

A handful of other applications and interviews later, I learned from a headhunting firm two Fridays ago that the position is still open since the first girl declined the position. It was not the package nor the price but it was the overwhelming responsibilities attached to it that made her not accept it. Coincidentally, that headhunting firm was also considering me for that same position. Upon learning it, I immediately sent a there's-nothing-to-lose-but-a-lot-to-gain e-mail to the hiring director and told him that I am still very much interested with the position.

The happy news came in yesterday. They called after two months of silence and asked for a final interview. I was so surprised when I saw the name of the company at my caller ID, I nearly dropped my phone and confused the date and time of the interview. I had the final make-or-break interview this afternoon with the President and Marketing Director. It was not really tough (or I really know what I am saying) but it was all-business. They also discussed several plans and possible frustrations for me that made the discussion interesting. The agony went back when they told me at the end of the interview that I will know their decision before the weekend. It was fine with me since I waited for it for five months so two days is no biggie.

The happier news came in around 6:20 pm this afternoon (two and a half hours after I left the company's premises) while I was reading TIME magazine's 100 Influential People issue at Powerboooks ATC. I got a call from the company's HR asking me to come tomorrow at 9:00 am at their office. I asked if it will be another interview and she told me that it is not. So...what would it be? I am hopeful about this. It would be cruel if they asked me to go there just to tell me that I did not make it, right? Hehe. *cross fingers* I know it will be THE offer.

Anyway...I am SO happy. The chase is such a long, hard one but the rewards are very fulfilling. It came in the most unexpected way but it came in the most favorable time. The waiting is long and slow but it made the job more worthy for me. It's actually near perfection. It's something I can be proud of. It's something I know how to do. Most importantly, it's something I will truly cherish and work on. I will definitely make sure that this one is a MATCH.

Thank you, Lord. You really know when to give it and how to give it.
It will definitely be a good year.

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