Friday, May 20, 2005


In celebration of promotions, heartbreak of resignations, crying over sad fates, toasting of new loves...there's always Conggo at Westgate for the "Mightys" of Honda.

Conggo na naman!

We once again had an ultra-fun and fabulous MIGHTEES NIGHT at our favorite (and usual) Conggo Westgate last Wednesday. It's been a long time since we gathered at this 'sacred place' for dinner and drinks. The "Conggo ritual" has long been a part of our existence since our frustration with our sudden transfer to Sta. Rosa from our beloved Makati. It was the "middle ground" and "halfway house" from the far north and the even farther south. We've long adjusted to our new career lives but the dynamism of Conggo (and its many memories) prevails.

We had several rounds to celebrate Ces, Bim and Olen's promotions, to hear stories about my new new work, to welcome back Bim and Olen from their US vacation, to wish Bon Voyage (or should I say VoGage?) to Patty and Raymond, and to catch up on gossips and make fun of ourselves and our other mighty friends.

It was a fun, relaxing usual. :)

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