Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I'm having my cake and eating it, too.

Life is definitely sweeter than sweet.

Work is fabulous and fun. I am learning a lot. I feel I've already accomplished so many things even if I've only been working for less than three weeks. I am exceeding my own expectations. My notebook is my new boyfriend since we are quite inseparable lately. Sizes like 235/40R18 is not so foreign anymore. I am making cool friends (my age, mind you) at the office who constantly asks the "million dollar question". Our President approached me a while ago and told me that I'm doing great events and activities for them. My immediate boss sent an e-mail two minutes ago and said that I did a good job on a particular tricky promotion deal.'s truly the cake!
The praises and compliments are motivating and great. The perks are really uber-uber-perky. I am actually enjoying despite the fact that I had anxiety and panic attacks while sleeping two nights night. I suddenly woke up in sweat because I dreamed that I forgot to send an important e-mail. Yeah, THAT bad...but what the heck? I love the new me. I love the new very workaholic me. 12 hours on the job is the new fad and fashion.

...and eating it, too!
Driving is actually fun and I am looking forward to more of it. I have a new kick-a*s-toughie boots that can actually kick butts (boots are my absolute first lurrrves). I have three new creative notebooks which I am using all at the same time (I have notebook/paper festish). I am setting the soft and natural lip-cheek-stain-born-lippy look at the office (huge credits to Body Shop). I might go on a Carribean cruise late this year and jet-set to Luxembourg, France early next year. I am having 2-3 dinner dates a week with Olen and Bim since my office is very near their place. I am reconnecting with old friends through constant e-mail and chats (Network Admin nightmares).

Life is fun! I am soooo blessed in more ways than one and I really am thankful.

BUT after all the great things that has been said and done...I still wonder...where the heck is the icing?

I still don't get it, right?

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