Thursday, May 12, 2005


One day to go! Finally...!

I've been waiting since Monday for the weekend. I am SO so so uber busy. I don't even have time to "think" because of trunkloads of work. But don't get me wrong... I am enjoying every hour, every minute, and every second of it. :)

To sum it up: I've been here for 7 days, had 3 days of training and orientation (more to follow but I just can't sched it), 1 new notebook and cellphone line (which really does have "a purpose" - think 1am e-mails and 7am business calls), 17 event and sponsorship proposals, 1 co-branding meeting (but more this week), 52 mails in my inbox, 3 scheduled events, 2 black outfits, BUT ZERO COFFEE! Whew!

Can't wait for the weekend...despite the fact that I still have to be at the office on Saturday for another meeting. Woooohoo!

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