Sunday, August 28, 2005


It's been a year since I met him. I was hired on August 25 but it was only two days after when I truly met him. For sure I was introduced to him one way or the other on my first day but it was all a blur of faces and names. It was two days after when he really came into my life. I recalled that there was an internal VMS training that day and he asked Aimee and I to attend it. Since we were still very new then, he accompanied us to the training (while he play with his then new O2 XDA). Aimee and I were so bored at that training so we started passing notes with each other about a certain controversial and intriguing officemate. After a while, he butted in and joined in our note passing. He first came to me as someone who's serious and no-nonsense but the next few days revealed that there was also a very makulit, child-like side in him. He was very kind to us that afternoon and even accompanied us in applying for our network user names and e-mail addresses. Oh well. Enough reminiscing.

We were eating a month ago in Kuritake in Powerplant when I told him that we should celebrate August 27 since it's the anniversary of our first meeting. We laughed about it and saved the date for some serious...eating (again) and celebration. THAT date was yesterday and I was very surprised when I received a text message from him telling me "one year na...". It was nice of him to remember. We even kidded and reminisce a bit about it.

Communicating with him in a very unattached manner pains me. I don't even know when will I fully recover from the sadness I am currently in. There are days when I am better and able - thinking that what we did and decided on is truly for the best. The best for what??? The best for whom??? I just hope that we will be winners on this anxious battle that we are both facing.

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