Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I am now back at the lowlands. I feel refreshed and excited - despite my heavy eyebags due to lack of sleep. I arrived before 12mn of Monday just in time to prepare myself for another gruelling work week. My good friend Norman (and his friends) was kind enough to wait for me until we are done with the event and offered a ride door-to-door at his uber-comfy Ford XP. We left Baguio around 3pm and got home past 11pm. We had several side trips, pit stops, and a very fun-filled dinner at Petron NLEX before we reached our destination. The first leg of our journey was uneventful save for a wrong turn near Mabalacat. The mood shifted after dinner and the ride home was spent with non-stop laughter between me, Norman, Inigo and Joy. It was truly a nice night spent with friends and new-found friends.

Before leaving Baguio, I made it a point to eat at the fame Volante at Session Road. I had a Breakfast Starter which is truly yummy! I also paid a visit to the Pink Sisters convent and had some market shopping. I scored a deep purple flannel blanket and a very nice denim jacket trench-coat style (brand-new, inexpensive, but not from those UK shops). My Pink Sisters visit was also made known to the whole of Goodyear thanks to my Marketing teammate Mon. I carelessly sent a message to him telling that I will leave the event site to go to the chapel/convent. He replied with a: "Hahaha! Mag madre ka?". Not surprisingly it became a running joke at the office. They also asked me if what I am feeling inside is THAT bad that I have to consider nunnery. Haha! Hmmm, not really BUT I really do find peace and solace whenever I pray or visit sacred grounds.

The Baguio trip was truly fun! I even asked several friends to go back with me so I can enjoy again the place. Let's see.

Boracay is quite tainted and Baguio is a nice alternate.


~ I left my phone this morning at my bedside table. I was very eager (even excited) to get home so I can read the messages of the day, reply to them, and return calls. I only got 17 SMS, 1 MMS but I had 52 Missed Calls! Whew!!! People really did missed me today, huh?

~ Marge and Eric sent a bunch of shirts with funny messages via e-mail this afternoon. They voted that the shirt with a: "I'm not a bitch. I am THE bitch!" sign is very Abbie. "Whaaat??? Me?" Marge said that there were indeed some changes that I made with myself of late. She said that I am no longer the very-nice-almost-dormat-of-before. Truly weird but that made me kindda happy. I used to be this very GIVING, almost SELFLESS, TOO nice, and TOO kind of a girl who cannot say NO whom I absolutely hate. Self-preservation is indeed the new name of the game. I've been so hurt - with work, lovelife, and back-stabbing friends - and I truly truly truly had enough. It's not really being a bitchy in the truest sense of the word but more like being someone who's strong, no-non-sense, and independent who can stand on her own. Hah! :)

~ I am currently sporting a great pinkish skin! Thanks to Baguio.

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