Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tonight is my last night in Baguio City and I am here alone blogging in my hotel room. It was a very tiring but nevertheless productive four-day work trip for me. My Baguio work-slash-adventure started when Binchy dropped me off at the Victory Liner terminal after our meeting with the Tuasons at The Fort. I took the 10:00 pm trip alone along with my trusty laptop and big bag full of clothes and shoes. It was a very relaxing, thoughtful, and enjoyable night trip. I arrived around 3:30 am in a very cool and welcoming Baguio air. I immediately went to the hotel and rested until mid-morning.

Trip Ticket to Adventure
My Trip Ticket To Adventure

I went to Baguio to oversee and direct the set-up of our corporate display for the 2nd Sum-Vac Transport Show at the Baguio Convention Center. I also arranged some pre-event publicity and PR for the weekend thus my early and solo trip while the rest of the GY contingent went up Friday morning. The advantage (and at the same time disadvantage) of being the lone female on the team is having the hotel room all for myself. And if there's one thing I am so OC about, it's hotel rooms. It must be close to the city's hub if I am alone so I can always go out when I get bored. But I prefer private/secluded ones when I am with friends or family. Internet connection capabilities is a definite must. (it will have my whole-hearted praise if they have broadband). I am also nit-picky on closet space, pillows, and lights. The one where I am staying right now (together with the rest of the team) is okay but I prefer the new Pines View Hotel at Legarda where we had our sub-dealer meeting earlier. It has a country/rustic design patterned after John Hay's Manor. I initially planned on staying at the Manor but the cost is too high and it's also a bit off-city.

Everyday Essentials
My Baguio Essentials: Laptop, Piccadilly journal, Body Shop Born Lippy & African Spa Lotion, the new Candace Bushnell book, my trusty Nokia 6230, and leather-bound day-to-day planner.

It was such a busy trip for me. We started the set-up for the event at 6:00 pm on Thursday night and it lasted until the wee hours of the morning the following day. Thursday was also very tiring since it was the first day of the show and there were still some things that needs adjustment and gimmicks and activities to lure the crowd to our very "dominating" booth. I am very happy since I believe that we came very strong. Goodyear is super all over the place! It reminded me of an event that I organized for Honda two and a half years ago. The activity was the Philippine Motorsports Festival held at Subic International Raceway. It was generally a good event where we spent mininal bucks in exchange for sponsorship, Run-What-You-Brung race for Honda Club members, access to the hospitality/VIP rooms, and display area with test drives for our cars. What made me insecure and uncomfy about it was this very huge, very influential, very dominating presence of a certain sponsor (that is neither Smart nor Globe). They had millions of tarpauline streamers all over the place, a big inflatable balloon and skydancer/air puppet in the middle of the track, rights to "own" several activities, kick-ass merchandising stuff and uniforms, and a strong show of force in attendance. Guess what is that company? None other than my beloved Goodyear. Thinking about it now makes me proud and happy. And that's the very ingridient I applied on the sponsored event we are having - show of force and strength in numbers! : )

Here's a show and tell:

Goodyear Booth @ 2nd Sum-Vac
The exciting and sought-after Goodyear Booth

GY Team
The Goodyear Team
Mon, moi, Roy, Race Car Driver Jeff, Dianne, Ron and Rey

Me and Norman
Me together with my good friend Norman.
(he owns the kick-ass Goodyear-Eclipse car that you see above.)
Thanks for lending it to us, Norms!

Models, Bruce and me
The Goodyear Eagle F1 models with me and Bruce Martin, organizer of the auto show.

Sun Star Baguio
Sun Star Baguio's OBC (outside back cover) for Sunday was devoted entirely to Goodyear.

It was indeed a productive and - I must say - therapeutic work for me. It's no secret that I am undergoing some kind of emo battle within myself lately and I am glad that I was given this task to oversee and deliver. Even if there will be no pats on the back or congratulations, I am personally proud on the success of "this weekly task". I hope that these baby steps will soon get me to higher leaps.

Goodyear All The Way
"Goodyear All The Way"

On a personal note, I haven't been going around Baguio save for several trips to the one-of-a-kind SM Baguio (where I shopped and splurged a little), a resto-bar called Chillout where our team had some drinks last night, and walk at Session Road in search for a perfect dinner place the other night. I believe that I am too old to go to Mines View, Wright Park, or Burnham Park but I might take an hour or two off tomorrow to attend mass at the Cathedral, check those UK shops, buy Tamtanco's ube and those favorite flannel blankies of mine, take walks at John Hay, or pray at Pink Sisters. I am actually dying to go to Cafe by the Ruins (which I heard is just doors away to where I am staying) but it might get a little too lonely for me. Solitude have some limits at times.

Everything is great here in Baguio. The weather is actually just right. I usually fret at very cold atmosphere hindering me to do anything productive. But Baguio's pre-Summer weather is perfect for me - not too hot but not too cold either. It's very ideal for leisure walks, heart-to-heart talks, OR even blogging at solitary nights.

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