Sunday, March 12, 2006


Work has become an ultimate sweat shop lately. So many sell-out promotions, PR events, budget re-alignment and the like. The highlight of my week ahead will be the Advanced Six Sigma training that I will have to go through from Tuesday to Saturday. Yes, it will take another big ounce of my time away from my real work but it will provide very good insight and learning for me. I am actually excited to be one of the new Greenbelts! : )

As always, Marge and Eric took me out to dinner at Italiannis last Saturday. We had another round of talks on happiness, love, and friendship. It still amazes me that I became friends with these two. It's such a liberating feeling just being with them - even if I pester them with never-ending issues and whines!

Got this nice text from Aileen after we had some heart-to-heart talk this evening. Just want to preserve it here:

Abbie: Thanks again!
Aileen: You're very welcome. : ) That was a really nice talk! Good Night!
Abbie: Yeah, it was. It felt good and I am happy I did not cry. We can do this, we can make it. : )
Aileen: Tears or no tears, it's always great to talk with you like that. Yup, we can do this!

See? I am a good person who's great to talk to. I am not just some brat who always whines. My self-esteem is on an all-time low lately and it felt truly great to be appreciated by friends who loves dearly.

I also had this coversation over the phone with one of my oldest friends from highschool. It was quite funny.

Ferwee: Hey, Abs!
Abbie: Ferwee! Ano, kamusta? Nasaan ka?
Ferwee: Diba birthday mo ngayon? March 12?
Abbie: Ano ka ba? It's August 12! Layo naman noon!
Ferwee: Talaga? Ah, anniv nyo ni Aktib yung 12! (Aktib was my 1st boyfriend)
Abbie: Hindi din! Ano ba? It was November 12. Funny ka!
Ferwee: Naalala kita kasi pag 12. You practically own the number in my book.

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