Monday, March 13, 2006


Marie ClaireEnter my room and a whole bunch of magazines will greet you. Whether it's work-automobile-related (C!, Top Gear, Evo), anything gadgets (Speed, Tech & Tuner, T3), lifestyle (Philippine Tatler, People), even Men's mags (FHM, Men's Health) or my favorite women's titles, (Marie Claire, Cosmo, Mega, Preview. Metro Weddings) you will find it all at my little abode. Partly thanks to my regular supply of complimentary copies from publishers and my usual ad-monitoring, I almost get all of them for free.

My newest favorite is definitely MARIE CLAIRE!

Aside from the fact that power Summit Editor Myrza Sison now heads Marie Claire, I also find the new magazine as empowering, helpful, and all-woman. Yeah, I still have my usual doze of Cosmopolitan but I guess I'm growing out of it already. I think that I've already accumulated through the years every piece of advice Cosmo has to offer on love, life, sex and on being a fun, fearless female. I've matured and I'm glad that "I'm growing up!" even if I just based it on a simple magazine preference. Anyway, do grab a copy of this fantastic new mag if you have the moolah to spare - it contains inspirational stories which empowers even the cynics among us. It gives well-meaning stories on the flight of women all-over the world and it also tackles hard-hitting-sensitive issues from domestic violence on uber-smart women (yeah, it can happen to the best of us) to sex trafficking of Filipinas. Kudos!

Oh, here's what my horoscope for the month! I don't really believe in horoscope but it's just funny that this month's went straight to home. It cannot be better worded/written.

"Generally, you're a very sunny sort of star sign. Unfortunately, aspects in your chart indicate that an unresolved romantic dilemma or a seemingly untenable work sitiuation is also getting you down. Luckily though, being the kind of person you are, you should have plenty of people to turn to for support. Time to call in your popularity chips!"


Everyone was quite nice to me today. It was a drag going to work today and I was thinking twice this morning whether to go or just stay at home. After a few minutes of pondering, I decided to jump out of my my bed and hit the showers. If I am really serious on this "change the attitude" task, then I must REALLY start waking up and prepare myself to the battles ahead.

1. As expected, Marge and Eric were extra-attentive to me. They flooded my inbox with usual funny e-mails of work observations and other stuff under Goodyear sun. When I attempted to deviate from the topic and "discussed something", Eric was quick to tell me to stop the whining since he and Marge is obviously trying to cheer me up.

2. My Forces Pals - Aileen, Mitzi and Tin - also sent comfort e-mails with promise of more fun gimmicks to come - concerts to attend to and spa around town to divide and conquer.

3. My Office Big Bro Binch sent a message with the subject line: "it's time to move on". He was so adamant for me to read it so he wasted no time, went to my area, and pestered me repeatedly until I open his e-mail. I thought that it was just the usual sappy forwared articles that is found on everyone's inbox - I was wrong. It was a jpeg picture of his teammates at GY Men's Badminton Team where he encircled three "eligible men" (his definition) which he suggest I "consider". Sweet and funny BUT why did it become like Friendster all of a sudden? Gee, thanks but no thanks. I was touched by the gesture nonetheless.

4. A late (hmmm, 9:00pm?) task was asked by my boss to create PR efforts/news stream slide for our monthly General Assembly tomorrow. It's really no biggie but on usual circumstances I would have fidget and whine a little inside. But having a goal of distracting myself with work, I actually welcomed it. The cherry on top was when my boss told me that the task is a great exercise since it will show what we already accomplished this year - I simply agree. : )

Things to look forward to/be excited about:
~ Trip to Pampanga with Binch and John to attend the 4 x 4 Off-Road Challenge in San Fernando over the weekend
~ Baguio Roadshow next week!

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