Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition had its 5th and last nomination night this evening. It was such a bomb! Apparently, the 40 or so more days that the six remaining housemates spent with each other were not enough to build long-lasting friendships with each other. Big Brother instructed the six housemates to nominate their peers live in each other's presence rather than the usual confession room route. Bianca was obviously apalled when Rustom nominated her for reasons of him not having a clear vision of what her purpose of joining. Bianca (and friend Zanjoe) retaliated by nominating Rustom - prompting him to join the two and Budoy as the last batch of nominees. It was very clear that the house is divided - Rustom, Keanna and John on one side - and everyone else on the other side. The triumvirate has bonded so well in the last weeks that made them indestructible from the rest of the housemates. Having live nominations tonight also guaranteed secured places for them (almost - since Rustom still have to face two eviction nights this week) in the Big Four. It was very evident that there's connivance between the three and Zanjoe and Bianca were the biggest targets. I believe that this is actually not deliberate but a choice of "not having any other choice". Zanjoe and Bianca are actually the kindest members of the "other group" which originally rivaled the triumvirate. The other members of the group were Christian and cry-baby Roxie. Amidst all of these, Budoy was caught in the middle but was nonetheless nominated by John and Bianca for the lame reason of being spared from the first batch of nominations until tonight.

The same approach was used before to Nene, Jason, Cass, Uma and Say on the last nomination. Each of them were asked to vote live in each other's presence and it was quite effective. Comical, even. But there were major differences from then and now: 1) there was a prior nomination between the PBB Season 1 housemates at the confession room before the live one - they obviously cannot change their answers and they cannot vote the others out of retaliation - unlike what happened earlier; 2) housemates then were on their 100th ++ days when that happened - longer bonding days already transpired and factions were already broken.

So what will it be? It can be anyone's ballgame! ZANJOE has a definite following as evident on the result of the last votation where he topped the ranking to everyone's surprise - we all thought that John Prats would be the highest-rater. Zanjoe's kind deeds, good looks, low-profile personality, and impending romance with Bianca might save him from eviction. I am actually surprise to him still in the house. Bianca would still be his key to the Big Four. If Bianca gets evicted before he does, there will be a huge chance that he will eventually follow. BIANCA has never been tested yet but she can really get overwhelming votes due to her nice personality, winning looks, and popularity. She can really stand on her own even without the backing of her team-up with Zanjoe. There's a really good chance that she'll good chance she'll make it - especially if sucker for love texters decides that they want romance at the house and votes for her and Zanjoe. BUDOY is the all-around neutral housemate who will try his luck the first time on the hotseat. He's a shoo-in especially after appealing to all his Visayan and Mindanao friends and relatives. The South vote really does have a lot of say, just look at Cassandra Ponti who survived evictions four times! As for RUSTOM, he definitely had his 15-minutes of fame (and multi-million bucks which he was rumored of receiving in exchange for his coming out) which we kept on talking about until this very date. He really did grab some headlines from GMA's State of Emergency when he revealed his true identity in National TV. He survived eviction from that but can he still pull it off especially if he's going against nice-girl Bianca (which he's obviously not crazy about) and revolutionary funny man Budoy? I am sure that bestfriends Keanna and John will double their efforts in making sure that their buddy Rustom will join them in the Big Four.

As for the Big Winner...if things go well (and Budoy will not pull a miracle) I am almost sure that Keanna will win this hands-down. She got the highest percentage of votes (ever) on her last nomination with Aleck and Roxie. I think it was around 63% - a feat which she shares with Franzen. Aside from statistics, this girl was a revelation. Her strength, compassion and sweet demeanor definitely changed the hearts of many. She can be silly yet motherly and caring. Winning PBB will definitely compensate for very vivid and colorful past which was full of misery and hardship. Go, girl!

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