Thursday, March 16, 2006

Some friends of mine saw this blog last year and asked where I get the energy to write such lengthy (and sometimes emotional) posts? Or more conveniently, where do I get the time to write down the things that bugged me, pissed me, or made me happy each blogging day? I actually don't know the answers. In fact, I sometime surprise myself that I can write and express myself with such drama, emotions, and even beauty and intellect at times. My writing style/s reflects WHO I AM or who I want to be - free-flowing and unrestricted. I have no formal writing education and my grammar is far from flawless - there were even times when I just let it be and wouldn't even bother to correct them. The idea of taking Journalism or Creative Writing in college bores me to death (I took instead the more exciting Mass Communication route). I cannot see myself spending time writing themes, poetry, haikus or any other structured forms of writings. WRITING IS MY ART and I want it like an abstract. It's a past time, a way to express my anger, love, and every bits of emotions that I feel inside - with the absence of an editor who will cross-mark, delete or revise what I wrote. On this blog - I am the unrestricted queen of the world. My word and work is all mine. This is my art.

Blogging soothes and comforts me in a way I cannot imagine. It's a direct form of release and expression. I may not be the best stage actress nor the ballerina that can pirouette in toe shoes* - but I know that I can be the best writer if I want to. The funny thing is part of my work at GY is develop news streams and press releases - and most of the time I am not THAT good. Weird 'no? For someone who can write 3 to 5 paragraphs in 20 minutes on daily musings, it can take me as much as 1 hour to write a decent and acceptable one paragraph news article. But I believe that it can change. It must change. My boss told me once to strengthen the things which I know I am best in doing which most people cannot do. He said that whatever it is will be my key to more wins and success not just in the workplace but life in general. WRITING is my answer. Anyone can conceptualize and implement a kick-ass consumer promotion given a few marketing experience and education, but not anyone can write. It's a gift which I now realize (and thankful) I have.

I started "writing" when my grade school friend, Lindsay, gave me an uber-cute Hello Kitty diary in 5th Grade. Prior to that, my "art" was ballet and my biggest dream was to go to advanced ballet class and learn how to dance in toe/point shoes. Sadly, I quit mid into my intermediate class to devote the time to studying. Stage acting became my life's art in highschool and for a time I even considered on going to Theater Arts in college. My parents discouraged me for the lack of life after the drama and the lights of being on stage. Nonetheless, the most notable and favorite character I played was Portia of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. It was really no biggie and was just part of a class' final requirement for one of our subjects but it was just so memorable for me. Portia is William S's most kick-ass and a-okay heroine, she rocks! After those short but memorable stints in ballet and acting --- writing becomes me (along with the News Editor position in our highschool paper). I kindda lost it for a while during my "studious/nerdy phase" in college but thanks to blogging - I rediscovered it and made me realized that it's my treasured talent and gift.

So...I out for those neat GY press releases from me, huh?


Favorite Song of the moment: I Love You More Today Than Yesterday

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