Monday, May 29, 2006

I've always wanted to post a blow-by-blow account of my day. Here's a try. I tried to document some bits on what happened to me last Friday - May 26. Hit it!

5:30 AM - My alarm went off after barely two hours of setting it. I woke up with a monstrous-lack-of-sleep headache but nevertheless turned on my computer to check some videos that we will use for the Excellence tire launch set at 9:00 am.

6:15 AM - Went to the washroom to take a shower. Had my usual dose of Vaseline, Cream Silk White and J&J Foam Bath.

6:58 AM - Started the engine of Porshie (my car) and listened to Morning Rush's Top 10 (Top 10 Reasons It's A Sign To Move Out From Your Parents' House) and prepared myself to the drive to Makati. I took the Skyway and braved the no-coding early morning traffic.

8:01 AM - Turned right at The Fort leading to the Manila Speedzone to attend the Excellence dealer launch.

Excellence Tires

10:39 AM - Had brunch with Bless, Ron, Maita and Marge while the product orientation is ongoing at the Conference Room. We had a taste of one of the best cheescakes ever (Toblerone Cheesecake from Fork/Una Mas) while talking about Ikea.

1:08 PM - Drove back to the office in Las Pinas with our MIS/IT guru, Ron. We talked about the ages of our officemates, badminton, and common friends at the office.

1:45 PM - Arrived at the office, changed attire to GY Racing shirtjack, read some e-mails, straightened my hair with my trusty hair gadget and prepared for my next meeting.

2:18 PM - Rode with Binch to our meeting with Chairman Bayani Fernando at the MMDA office in Mandaluyong for our Bayani Ng Kalsada campaign. Met with Jeanette Tuason and Aracel.


3:40 PM - Went back to the office, dropped Jeanette off at their office in Pioneer, and took gazillion of pictures in traffic with our favorite caps.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

5:15 PM - Arrived at the office, read and replied to e-mails, continued a "procastinating" report and had a talk with my boss Ron and Binch.

7:31 PM - Drove to ATC while talking to Marge on the cellphone.

7:54 PM - Met with Binch and shopped for CD cases & holders, checked some cool sandals I'm intending to buy, and bought two X-Men tickets for the 10:20pm screening for me and Aileen.

8:48 PM - Had dinner of Sinigang and Spicy Chicken at Gerry's Grill while talking about work, day-to-day observations, and our latest favorite "moral" topic and conspiracy theory.

Me and Binch

9:50 PM - Aileen arrived at Gerry's from Vic's bridal shower in Makati.

Aileen and Binch

10:15 PM - Met with Charo and Jako in time to watch X-Men and bade goodbye to Binch.

10:24 PM - Watched X-Men: The Last Stand! It was so great! I really really and absolutely love it. Did you stay at the very very end of the movie? If you did not, you missed something!

12: 54 AM - Arrived at Starbucks Petron SLEX and had a very lengthy "going back memory lane" and reminiscing with Aileen, Charo and Jako. We had a blast! We talked about ex-crushes, our past adventures (Ivy's van-stuck-in-the-mud and Aileen's drunk-as-a-cow were still the best), gossiped about our classmates, and me and Aileen's lack of lovelife and moving on progress.

The Girls

4:14 AM - Called it a night with a last picture! : )

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