Thursday, June 22, 2006

I haven't updated this blog for quite a while. Been soooooo busy as usual. Anyway, here's what I've been doing in the past month. BEWARE: majority are me, me, me stuff and random pictures.

Yep! Havaianas, havaianas, havaianas! Bought three pairs in the last three weeks. It's crazy, it's so addicting! I bought a standard blue metallic one, then a World Cup Brazil version in blue & white (been searching for a 37-38 size in black & white of England/Germany but it's out of stock already - even at All Flip Flops, Glorietta), and a black Havaianas High. Speaking of the exciting World Cup, I've been watching the games if time allows it. It usually airs in the wee hours of 12:00mn and 3:00am via Solar Sports. Current favorite team? AUSTRALIA!

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Havaianas Metallic Blue

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My two favorites! :)

P.S. They say that retail obsession particularly footwear shopping is still one of the best antidote for a tattered heart. I couldn't agree more! Aside from those cute Havaianas, I've noticed that I've been buying more footwear lately. I recenlty scored an 80's inspired wedge bronze open-toes and some flat shoes for weekends. I also intend to buy in the next couple of weeks a mid-calf-almost-knee-length boots (it's on sale at CMG!!!), some stilletos for work, and a dressy heels that I saw in Rustan's last week.

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I took the picture below on my way to the MIS building on a particularly busy day. I literally stopped and smelled the roses (in this case...a santan) to destress and unwind a bit. Nice, huh? :) I also have snaps of clouds and trees!

Flowers outside my window

We were busy with reports and discussions in the past weeks. We spent the Independence Day weekend "jailed" in the conference room with a bunch of junk food (combination of Yellow Cab, shingaling and Superbowl take-out) and colas. It was truly a learning experience though. The tire business is surely a tough one...hands down!

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GY's Dream Team still in session at 10:52 PM on a Sunday

Essentials on busy work days

Mouse Clicks
Celebrating Mouse Clicks!
MIS nice gift to my laptop the other day (after my other mouse died)

Friday evenings are usually for friends. : ) Unwinding with friends on the last day of the work week keeps my sanity intact. I watched with Marge and Eric Failure to Launch on the first week then The Lakehouse with Aileen and Tin last week. Failure To Launch is such a sweet movie. Sarah Jessica is still very "Carrie" and Matthew totally gave justice to the commitment-phobic men of the universe. As for The Lakehouse, well, I am still undecided if it's a good one or otherwise, for the following reasons: 1) I am not into heavy romantic movies; 2) it's not an exact Science - those mailboxes got "magic" which I cannot acccept (it's not Harry Potter! hello?); 3) BUT I love analyzing the movie and the complicated plots it got!

There are still the never-ending but enjoyable TGI Friday's with Marge and Eric.
There are still the never-ending but enjoyable Tempura and Dulcinea with the girls.
There are still the never-ending but enjoyable Conggo Grill and Seattle's Best with Binchy and friends.

Bless, Ros, Marge, Abbie - Tempura
Ladies Who Lunch
Bless, Ros, Marge and Abbie

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Marge, Abbie and Binchy

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Abbie and Aileen - Before The Lakehouse

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Two laptops + one iPod + Almond Mocha Joy Double Espresso + Earl Gray Tea + Seattle's Best = another fun work night :)

"Me time" is something unheard of in the last few months. BUT I am very very happy to say that I was able to give time to reading, DVD weekends and pampering. To quote my friend Ian, "Lagi naman tayong busy 'no. but if it's personal time we are talking about, nagagawan naman ng paraan yan eh!". He told me that after the nth time I flaked for meeting him for coffee because of the "I-am-busy" reason.

I was able to read four books by Dan Brown and Lauren Weisberger since May (Angels & Demons, The Devil Wears Prada, Deception Point and Everyone Worth Knowing). Next on my list: Nanny Diaries and Persuasion (because everyone is reading it since The Lakehouse? hehe! honestly, I love Jane Austen classics! I already read Sense & Sensibilities, Pride & Prejudice and Emma). I would like to mix my reading with chick lit and suspense/thriller books. Perfect balance!

My DVD weekends are the best! Haven't done it since my early days at Carrier. It's usually just re-watching old favorites or catching new ones. Here's my recently watched list: How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, Imagine Me & You, The American President and Chasing Liberty. : )

Pampering? Let's NOT get into this. Let's just say that CANS and my trusty hair expert welcomed me back with open arms!

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