Monday, October 09, 2006

Last week was one of those action-packed good weeks. Never a dull moment if I may say. I met, dined, wined, and had coffee with old and new friends; and work was as usual fast-paced and stress-loaded - we had a media get-together, a photo shoot, and the usual load of regional templates to fill-in. But it was generally a happy week save for a couple of setbacks. : )

One of the highlights of my week was Tonet and Aimee's wedding last Saturday at The Manila Southwoods. Tonet, the groom, is a friend from way way back. Our family is somewhat related and we were classmates since pre-school. But it was only in highschool when we really bonded and have gotten to know each other. Add to the fact that he's the ex-boyfriend of one of my good friends. He used to be our group's designated driver and carpool on those proms, dances, and house parties in the olden days. Anyway, I cannot believe that he is now married! Haven't seen him since our reunion days in 2003 and was really surprised when I saw him in our house a couple of weeks ago with an invitation to his wedding to Aimee - who's coincidentally the little sister of one of my friends from elementary. Small world indeed!

I have to work last Saturday so I arrived very late at Southwoods - just enough to take a couple of group pictures, congratulate the groom, greet old friends, and put Southwoods Country Club on the list of probable venue for my own grand day (harhar!). My closest friends, Aileen and Charo, were also there together with a bunch of highschool friends. We went out with the boys (with a couple of their girlfriends) for some post-wedding drinks at Westgate in Alabang where Tin also joined us. It was a hilarious, enjoyable, and an almost-embarrassing night for us girls! The barong-clad men we were with at the wedding reception were unleashed and out came the oh-so familiar childish boys of 1994! There were a lot of singing (with tamborine at that!) and loud public...much to our surprise and dismay! Haha! But I had fun (oh, don't give me THAT look, Aileen!)! I cannot remember the last time I truly laughed so hard.

Here's our beautiful evidences...

If you cannot see the slideshow above, youu may check the pictures (and other stuff) at my Multiply site. Click here for the link.

So, who will be next? :)

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