Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bea The WinnerFinally, after 126 days of seclusion at the Big Yellow House, Sassy Girl Beatriz Saw won as The Big Winner in the much talked-about hit reality show Pinoy Big Brother. Bea bested 14 other housemates and took home more than 4 Million worth of prizes which includes cash prize, house and lot, an SUV, a kitchen showcase, a water station franchise and trip for two to Europe. The announcement was made at the Big Dome (otherwise known as the Araneta Coliseum) which was witnessed by thousands of live and TV audiences in a very grand fashion which was aptly called as The Big Night. Other winners are 2nd Big Placer Mickey Perz, 3rd Big Placer Wendy Valdez and 4th Big Placer Gee-Ann Abrahan.

I was hooked on this show since the very beginning. It became my late evening TV habit and I must say that I am kinda sad to see it go. The Big Winner plum has been a three-way contest between Bea, Mickey and Gee-Ann. Wendy's controversial entry in the Big Four was at a certain degree conceivable and believable but everyone knew that she wouldn't be able to get the top prize (click on this entry for details).

Beatriz SawBea is a safe and "okay lang" winner, after all, she was one of the safest housemates this season. A lot of people are happy for her winnings which would pave the way for her family to be united once again. The house and lot from St. Monique Valais will definitely allow Bea and her family to live comfortably (with a new CR-V to boot). I'm not a fan of Bea but I believe that she deserves it. I have to admit that I don't like her too much in the beginning of the season. Her TOO caring attitude ticks me. She's too good to be true at times. She was even repeatedly nominated by her housemates (most notably by Robert Woods and Bodie Cruz) for being too safe and for not expressing herself too much. Bea was always in the background. She even prefers doing chores than socializing with the other housemates. I noticed her too late into the game during the 100 Days Battle of the Exes when she was reunited with her First Love, Ackie. Oh, she's a girl who is so much in love! I will never forget how she jumped in bed for joy after seeing him. Part of the big votes she was able to rake can also be attributed to the "underdog factor". Bea was a target on the two major drama disputes in the house. First was the confrontational catfight instigated by Maricris (who was forced evicted because of it) and the second was the one with Wendy which happened just two weeks ago. After everything that has been and said and done, Bea truly deserves it.

If Bea deserves the prize then Mickey is the one who deserves the title. For someone who's only half-half, Mickey is someone who embodies what a true Pinoy should be. He showed respect and leadership inside the house which made him the perennial favorite of the multitudes. His very sincere and touching reunion with his family, who flew all the way from Switzerland, added to the drama of last night's affair. I've never seen Mickey bawled that much! Well, I am sure that we will see more of Mickey in the coming months. His dancing prowess and admirable qualities truly made him a stand-out.

Big Four at the Big DomeThe most disappointed family at the Big Night was Gee-Ann's. This girl has always been the frontrunner in all of the nomination/eviction voting results so it was really surprising that she finished last. Even Bea has always been at Gee-Ann's tail-end this season. Some said that Gee-Ann's unexpected low vote turn-out can be attributed to her "triangle" choice of Bodie Cruz. Here' a little background: in the latter part of the show, Gee-Ann toyed the idea of having two love interests in the house thus the triangle. Eventually Kuya made her choose one and she chose Bodie over Mickey. They said that Mickey fans were so disappointed by all of these and decidedly shifted their votes thus making Gee as the 4th placer and Bodie as the 5th and the last to be evicted this season. I am personally rooting for Gee-Ann (fellow Assumptionista and all) and I am quite disappointed by the turn-out. But Gee-Ann seemed happy about it and believes that her true prize was the amazing transformation and inner strength that she was able to achieve while inside the house.

Wendy half-knew and half-expected what awaits her outside and she came prepared. When she said that "pagbinabanggit ninyo ang pangalan ko, salamat na rin at pinapansin ninyo ako." was an attempt to somehow fight back to the crowd who's been jeering at her and saying mean things about her since the controversial drama weeks ago. Wendy's the only housemate who could possibly say things such as those. I believe that she gave a very powerful speech that made her indeed a survivor. I am no Wendy fan but she proved to me and to a lot of people how strong she really is. Two of her powerful charms on this drama are her loyal supporters who relentlessly voted and defended her all throughout and the other is Bruce Quebral and his never-ending belief (bordering blindness, insanity and stupidity) towards her.

PBB Season 2 was indeed fun to watch. I will truly miss it and my co-message board addicts who interestingly analyzed every twist and turn of the housemates and the happenings inside the house. It was an entertaining season and I can't wait for the next one.

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