Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm back to the workforce once again after more than a month of hiatus. My new career and work environment is very very different from what I had in the past. For starters, I am in a totally different industry. I've been with the automotive industry for more than seven years and where I am now is really a strange new exciting place. It's really tough to learn all the new practices and the different tech jargons that I've been encountering since yesterday.

I attended the New Employees' Orientation (otherwise known as NEO) yesterday and was surprised to see that one of my former course mates in Assumption, Twiggy, is one of the new supervisors to be assigned at our well-known Public Affairs Department. My work starts at 8:30 in the morning and ends...well...I actually don't know what time does it really end. Yeah, that's really the widely-known impression on our work schedule. Here's something that made me laugh nervously yesterday:

Facilitator: So, what are your expectations on our seminar today? What do you want to know? (she asked our group of fifty).
Participant: Well, I would like to ask the actual work hours of the company.
Facilitator: Our work starts at 8:30 am and it ends 5:30 pm.
Participant: Yeah, yeah, I know about that. I am asking about the ACTUAL work hours. What you said was the regular working hours.
Failitator: Oh, ACTUAL work hours? Well... (then her voice trailed off)

I love my new environment and work station. It just feels weird that it is too quiet at times. I miss the sounds of the blaring music from Binchy's iPod and the voices of Ros' various visitors that I became accustomed in the two years that I've been with Goodyear. Oh well. My current office is at the 16th floor and I am with 199 other amazing employees. It actually made me wonder if all of my floor mates knew each other's names. I am in a huge group which is divided into three departments. My department has three teams and I lead one of them. Our task is to provide communication and execution plans for the the innovative and business development service concepts that the two other teams provide. I have under me 3 officers with 1 vacant post which we are still trying to fill-in (Any takers? Ros told me that I'm very demanding so she wouldn't even consider it. Haha!). I am actually not demanding, I am just too competitive and a know-it-all.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I am also back in my beloved Makati! Yay! It's been more than three years since the last time I've worked here. I also intend to look for a halfway-house like what I had before when I was still in Honda. I've also started to shop for new shoes, tops, skirts and accessories to wear at my new trendy home. I cannot come to work make-up less and in Havaianas and jeans or capri pants like what I did in my down-south companies in the last three years. Well, that's the lowdown on being back in Makati. Work clothes can be expensive and transportation spendings can be a nightmare. Fortunately there are new affordable goodies like foodies and restaurants that are now easily accesible. The Central Business District is now flooded with fast foods, restaurants and coffee shops that were only confined at the malls before. I had my lunch at Food Odyssey at the LKG Tower this afternoon and I spent just the average lunch binge. Our office's food in the cafeteria is also quite el cheapo (the the set-up and lay-out will even make you remember highschool). Plus, our floor's pantry's filled with FREE overflowing iced teas, coffees and lattes via vendo machines! Coolness!

Whew, back to the grind again!

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