Sunday, July 15, 2007

Aileen, Charo, Tin and I recently took photography to the next level!

Heidi, a photographer and one of Charo's patients at St. Luke's, invited us for a free portrait and photography session at her Life Studio at White Plains yesterday. This very good opportunity was also timely since we have to have a mega send-off for Tin who will be leaving again for Beijing, China on Wednesday. We truly had a blast at the shoot despite having non-stop perma-smile for almost three hours. We will be getting the CD of the photos this week but I have some behind-the-scene shots from my camera to share.

We've been exchanging e-mails since last week for the photoshoot extravaganza preparation. We discussed themes, clothes, shoes, and accessories. We decided on four themes and set of clothes. Aileen, as expected, loaned us a lot of stuff - from concealer to tops to accessories. We were able to use almost all of the things we brought except for the shoes - much to our dismay. I brought three pairs which includes a black stiletto and two Schu flats which I bought on-line recently.

My New Schus
Got these fab Schus the other day

The session started around 3:00 pm and we were introduced to Rosette and Denise, friends of Heidi, who helped us with our make-ups and hair styles. They were also the ones who facilitated the Smile Therapy Session prior to the actual shoot. The Smile Therapy Session aims to discover what we know and what we feel about each other. The first activity asked us to draw an animal that represents each other. I drew a cat (meticulous, OC, snobby - hehe!) for Aileen, a fish (flexible, adaptable) for Tin and a weird drawing of a dolphin (friendly, nice, a stand-out) for Charo. The second activity asked us several questions that we must answer correctly. Questions ranged from who among us was the first to have a boyfriend (me), who do we think will marry first (Charo) and we were also asked about food and things that best describes us. The activity ended with a question on our wishes for each other. It was a nice activity and we are still wondering until now the objectives behind it.

Aileen, Tin and Charo drawing animals All eyes on Naughty Tin
Shots during the Smile Therapy Session


Preview of more good things (and pictures) to come!

Smiling and posing for three hours was no joke. We changed outfits four times and even semi-stripped in one of the sessions (yes, you read it right!). First set was the one with our yellow identical shirts, second was the iPod theme with water bed as props, third was the asymmetrical top shot (my favorite!), fourth was a semi-nude with only a sheet of canvass covering us, and the last one were individual portraits with our choice pose and outfit. We truly had fun in the shoot. We are so grateful to Heidi and to the 'gift' she gave us. Denise and Rosette were also great and helped us with our re-touches in between shots. We finished around 7:30 pm - tired but very happy.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We went to Greenhills (a.k.a Beijing, Thailand) after the shoot. We tagged with Aileen while she shopped for the perfect LeSporTRAC! I swear that she was THIS close to kicking me while I fool and kid around with Tin with our cameras and saying things like LeSportrac and Beijing, Thailand. (So sorry, Aileen! You were not given the best price because of us). I am not on shopping mode so I only bought a black wood bangle to match with my gazillion black tops.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We were so famished so we had an ultimate food binge at Italiannis after shopping. We ordered Sicilian Salad (my new favorite, sorry Caesar!), Angel Hair Pomodorro and Mushroom and Gravy together with the House Bread & Vinaigrette. We gossiped about friends, blogmates and celebrities while we had servings after servings of great food. Jako, our good friend and Charo's boyfriend, fetched us and took us all home.

Bye, Tin! :(
We will miss you, Tin!

It was truly a very nice and memorable send-off for Tin! We will truly miss her and her craziness. We truly hope that we can save enough moolah to come and visit her next year at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in August. See yah!

*Some of the pictures above are blurry because my point-and-shoot was interfering with the studio lights. Check this Multiply album for more pictures.

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