Saturday, July 21, 2007

*Careful! This contains some Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows spoilers!

July 21, 2007 is known worldwide as Harry Potter Day or P-Day. The final and seventh book of the Harry Potter epic was unveiled today at 12:01 am at the United Kingdom (7:01 am, Manila Time). I have mixed emotions on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows like most Potter fans. First, I am happy because it's finally here! The sixth book, Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, was released in July 16, 2005 and all the fans are dying to know what happens next after its unexpected twist and ending. I am also sad since this is the FINAL book. There will be no other Harry Potter books after this. It's like parting ways and saying goodbye to my childhood; even if I was already 23 years old when I first read HP Book 1.

HP and The Order of The Phoenix and I HP and The Half-Blood Prince and I
I republished the above photos in honor of this great day!
Photos were taken in June 21, 2003 and July 16, 2005 on the books' launch dates.

HP Book 7 and I
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
21 July 2007

Author Joanne Rowling made a definite period and said that this will be her last for the series despite the growing numbers of pleas and petitions from fans and publishers. You will truly know that this is indeed the ending since there is even an Epilogue chapter in the book (yeah, I accidentally read this part in the table of contents while I was reading the dedication page, damn!). Though she did say in an interview that there's still a small window to write about it some more. But I highly doubt it if there will be a next book.

I got my book today before closing at Powerbooks Greenbelt. I was not planning to wake up early and queue at 7:01 am to get a copy but I was planning to go to the 3:00 pm festivities at Powerbooks. Unfortunately, work and e-mails got in the way and I was able to leave the house after dinner. Good thing Powerbooks closes at 10:00 pm.

Long nights, anyone?
There will be long HP nights this week!

Gabie and the HP box
Even my cute niece, Gabbie, was not spared from the Harry Potter hoopla

HP Book 7 and I
I Heart Harry!
Happy Reading Potter Fans!

Powerbooks really went all out on the preparations for this last installment launch of HP. They recreated the Great Hall at their activity area at the 2nd floor and even had a snake on glass display. Potter activities and Powerbook's version of the Triwizard Tournament was also held earlier in the day. I also scored another Harry Potter box but they are now charging 10 bucks for it. Anyway, I am glad I got my book today.

Here are some snaps at Powerbooks:

Nagini? The Great Hall at Powerbooks

Go, Gryffindor!

The book has no synopsis as an added mystery. I was very very very careful not to read the titles of the chapters to avoid spoilers (except the one mentioned above). My brother was pestering me the whole evening and was trying to read the ending parts of the epilogue out loud! Argh! #%$@&! The theme of the book is obviously 'death'. There were even two passages in the beginning about it. If you're a reader and doesn't have a copy yet, go and grab one now! My friends who are fast reading said that it is really really great and is living up to the hype and hoopla it created. I am done with Chapter 1 and is taking my own sweet time in reading it. I think that I would be able to finish by next Saturday (or earlier if it is really really exciting!).

Long Live Harry Potter!

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