Sunday, July 08, 2007

My vacation days are definitely over. I started in my new work last July 2 at this Simply Amazing company. I've wanted to work at this company for the longest time. I've been applying for various positions since I resigned from Honda in 2004 but I've been unlucky until now. But as they say...dreams and prayers are always given to us at the RIGHT time.

I truly believe that NOW is the perfect timming for me to work at this company. I am now more mature, knowledgeable, understanding and experienced in the very complicated corporate world. I know that I am also more armed to face the work battles and various personalities bring them on!

Abbie @ Smart
First Week Snaps
(Yeah, hair was pulled back! Can you believe it?)

I survived my first week on the job unscathed. Everyone is friendly and is helping me adjust to the new work environment. My boss treated me to a Welcome Lunch together with my group last Friday to familiarize me more with the people and the culture at our company. My boss is cool but truly expects a lot from me. I have a lot of deliverables and I have to make my section really fly-high. I understand all the concepts, templates, budgets and plans that were discussed to me (thanks to the years at Honda and Goodyear) but I must really undergo training and immersion to familiarize myself more to the different operational procedures, services and products. I am expected to have a three-week training but it was moved for the meantime because of an upcoming launch that I must supervise.

Oscar The Grouch is not allowed
The sign that you'll see at our doors.

The culture of the company reminds me so much of Honda. It's conservative, the organization is less flat and the people are also industrious and capable. Even budget approvals and proposal frameworks are the same. I also love the way it gives importance to employees' welfare and to the adage "work hard, play harder". We have regular company outings that has a very huge budget per person (my fellow groupmates just had theirs in Boracay), birthday celebrations (it's free HP & The Order of the Phoenix movie watch for the July and August celebrants) and fun parties. I am definitely loving this company!


I had dinner last Thursday, July 5, with my Highschool friends Tin and Jamie at Chef De Angelo in Glorietta. It's been a while since we've last seen Jamie. We organized a dinner get-together so Jamie can see Tin before she leaves for Beijing in mid-July. We had fun reminiscing yesteryears and talking about our gallbladder-less abdomens. Too bad we were not able to take pictures.

My other Forces Friends (Aileen and Charo) and I will have another get-together this Saturday to properly say "See Yah!" to our dear Ex-Manang friend, Tin, who will jet-set again to Beijing for a very deserving new career. We will truly miss her. Sometimes YM conferences, Tabulas entries and Multiply posts are not enough. :(

*Photos are from my Nokia N70 thus not so post-worthy.

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