Sunday, August 05, 2007

When I was fresh out of college all I wanted was to be this big-time corporate yuppie who can outwit and give intellectual views and opinions at any given time. Being employed in a big corporation was one of the best places for me then. In there I learned a lot and I gained a lot of friends who are as talented and as competitive as I am. It was the beginning of the fulfillment of my dream.

Then I met you.

I met you unexpectedly and life was never been quite the same. My dream of world domination suddenly went out of the window and the dream of a simple life with you came into being. I will never forget the soulful Tagaytay conversation I had with you years back when we dreamed not of careers and high-flying jobs but of the simple life at the farm.

You were the farmer and I was the writer.

We said that we'll do it in a heartbeat. We'll move far and away to our little farm where you'll be contented with your vegetables and I with my little notebook filled with countless stories and memoirs. That's the simple life we both dreamed then. Who needs technology and money when we have each other in our own simple nest?

But, of course, the farm went away with you.

I am now back at my cube in the high-rise building with other go-getters like me. I am back to the rat-race once more. Back to my original pursuit of conquering the world. I often wonder what became of you. Are you a Farmer now? Do you already have another Writer with you? I am afraid that I don't want to know the answers. But, sometimes, when I am alone at night, I cannot help but dream of the farm and the endless love it promised would give.

Until we meet again.

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